Saturday, 30 March 2013

Goals Progress

At the beginning of the year, I blogged about some of my goals (not resolutions!) for the year.

Now seems as good a time as any to look at how I'm doing so far...

01. Make 100 unique necklaces
I'm up to around #89, including those I posted tutorials for here. (Current favourites are the bottle necklaces and the studded tassel necklace!). Admittedly I started making necklaces in November 2012, so some of those don't technically count, but I've lost track of how many I've made from the start of 2013! 
...once I get to 130, I'll consider the goal complete. I should stop making necklaces for myself because my jewellery board is groaning under the weight of it all!
But we all know that's not going to happen! ;D

02. Start up an Etsy store to sell said necklaces!
Done! My Etsy shop is also named Unfortunately Oh and I've redesigned the shop header. Part of today was spent changing the keywords for each listing as well. I'm still getting to grips with Etsy, so any tips from seasoned Etsy sellers would be much appreciated.
03. Create some sewn items to sell on Etsy, too
Done! My store now contains a few 'Monstars'. I'm thinking of starting a custom-made Monstar service, if these ones end up being successful, and have a few others planned.
04. Prepare blog posts much further in advance…
In progress! I'm currently in love with the scheduled post function and planning to add another weekly feature to this blog, alongside Marvellous Mondays. How are your finding Marvellous Monday, by the way?
05. …but don’t get bogged down with following ‘blogging trends’ (unless they’re interesting to me)
I'm trying hard not to do this. I'm not even sure what current blogging trends are! But I promise that you won't see any ombre, chevrons, or grey x yellow here.  I want to bring something different to the table!
06. Likewise don’t feel pressured to create ‘seasonal’ crafts/posts (Halloween crafts at Easter? Why not!)
So far, I'm doing well at this. The past two years, I've felt pressurised to create seasonal crafts to bring in the hits, but this year I've done nothing for Easter, yet gained hits on my old easter egg hunt printables. I've had some really nice comments on them so thank you to everyone who took the time to comment!
We're silly, and decided to make a 'hair donut'

07. Get a hair cut. Seriously. It needs doing.
Done! J'adore my hairdresser. My haircuts aren't cheap but they are well worth the money. I'm one of those lazy people who avoids the hairdresser for months on end; my short hairstyle was almost at my shoulders when I finally went! 
I also dyed my hair again recently. I was hoping for red but once again the red dye ended up pink. To quote a friend, 
You're destined to be pink. Don't fight it!
So I suppose I'll stick with this for now and hope next time's attempts with a different brand goes red. Failing that, maybe I'll try green!
08. Practice photography, both for blogging and in general
Not really doing this. I studied photography at A-Level and had a love-hate relationship with the course, but I do miss the weight of an SLR in my hands. Just wish I had the money for a DSLR and a couple of lenses to play with. As it stands, I'll stick with my point and shoot camera, and - dare I say it - my iPhone.
I think I need to give myself some 'projects' with regards photography. Does anyone have suggestions?
09. Write more original fiction outside of NaNoWriMo.
Started this recently! I downloaded a free app called Lift which lets you set a bunch of goals and check in every day when you complete them. One of the goals I chose for myself was 'write for 30 minutes'. I don't do this every day, but so far have managed to write a few short stories, and finish some that I started years ago! I'm hardly writing the next Lord of the Rings but it's great to get the creative juices flowing no matter how ridiculous the end result is.
10. Have a big clear out and sell things on ebay.
Done! I'm still not a fan of selling on ebay, but money is nice. I have stuff left over (also stuff that still hasn't been listed!) but it's coming into car boot fair season in my area, so I'm hoping to badger someone into providing the car boot for my unwanted goods to be sold from!
11. Use Royal Pavilion & Museums membership card more before it expires!
Still haven't done this. It's terrible! I paid £25 for my membership and have only been to the Royal Pavilion twice! One more time, and it will have paid for itself. Going to the same place multiple times might sound ridiculous, but with the Royal Pavilion there is always something new to notice.
12. Paint.
I did some paintings, but haven't done any more since. I want to do more soon!
13. Finish reading ‘Tired of London, Tired of Life’ and actually do some of the stuff in it.
I've half-finished this one, in a sense that I've read the book. I've yet to go to London, though!
14. Complete ‘Wreck This Journal’ (I got one for Christmas and its so much fun)
In progress! Wreck this Journal fell by the wayside for a little while, but over the last few days I've done some more, including the incredibly destructive 'take this book into the shower with you'. I did this three days ago and the book is still drying out! 

15. Write more ‘personal’ blog posts (like this one!)
Not sure if I'm doing well on this one or not. What do you think? 


  1. Oh Kei,..I love this post. It has definitely got me feeling like a bit of a slacker, but I am supremely happy for you and your achievements. Wow, girl you really have it goin' on. :)

    b) wow, really, that many necklaces? You're a star
    3) you should have shared your ebay userID so we can buy all your junk from you
    also) I'm really enjoying your blog this year, it's muchos entertaining :D

  3. I love posts like this; they really give you an idea of who a blogger is, instead of just what he/she does.
    Besides, I'm a sucker for lists AND goals.
    Awesome job.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    P.S. I have a Wreck the Journal, too and I'm so intimidated by it! I didn't even know there was a take it into the shower page and now I'm even more intimidated. Hahaha!


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