Thursday, 14 February 2013


At the beginning of the year, I wrote about some of my goals for the next twelve months.
One of them was simply, ‘Paint’.

For a long time I was apprehensive about sharing my paintings, because I have felt that they ‘aren’t good enough.’

I realised that this is just silly; nobody is expecting me to be the next Van Gogh and I shouldn’t expect myself to be, either!

Also, the more practice I get, the better I should get.

So I decided to share the things I’ve painted. I uploaded them to my old deviantART account (hence the watermarks on these pictures!) but decided to post them here, too.

Stood Up Comedy

This sad little pierrot is a painting I sketched out a few years ago but never had the motivation to paint. Originally I drew something along the same lines on paper, scanned it and coloured the picture in Photoshop Elements—my first ever attempt at using a graphics tablet!
So I thought it was about time I painted the poor abandoned fool. Anyone want to give him some love? :)

Wise Man

I painted the ‘wise man’ last year; it was the first painting I’d done for a few years! I used to paint a lot of portrait-style images though these were primarily female. This time I thought I’d go for a male character!

Tears of the Sea
Siren's Secret

A couple of these paintings play around with some ideas about siren/mermaids and I’ll probably paint more involving those to explore the ideas more.

Flaming Os

‘Flaming Os’ is an old painting from 2004. I’m posting it here because it amuses me!

I’m hoping to maintain my level of motivation when it comes to painting! I’d like to try out some different styles and maybe different types of paint, too (normally I use acrylic but I have some watercolours that I’d like to get to grips with!)

So there we go. Goal #12 is under way!


  1. Ahhh these are so cool, you're really rather good! The first one totally reminds me of my mum. she had one of those dolls which scared the hell out of me! The flaming o's is too cool, I want it! I'm on my way to pick it up!

  2. I can't believe you're shy about sharing these. That portrait is really good. I find painting so hard that your pieces are very inspirational. I'm glad you decided to share!

  3. I personally love what you have painted *gives some love to the pierrot* :D. Really, they are good. The mermaids are beautiful, too. You should definitely paint more; there is no reason to hide them, they are great!! (Unfortunatly, I *only* have water colours now. :( And I always tend to use too much water then ... Any tips?)

    &I want to paint now, too ... :)

  4. You shouldn't be shy in sharing, and are very good. I couldn't come close to this. I'm happy you shared them with us! Keep going!


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