Sunday, 24 June 2012

Crystal Charm Pendant / Crazy Busy

Goodness me, has it really been so long since I last posted here?! 
I have been (and still am) crazy busy and blogging has really been put on the back-burner! 
Luckily I have a couple of ready-prepared posts, and five minutes to post one :)

Back in December, I went to a Christmas fair at the village centre. There was an abundance of stalls selling all kinds of things! One particular stall was half covered in crystals and half in collectibles, and it was there that I saw the craft bargain of the century...

A bowlful of small pieces of crystal, for just £4.
I instantly thought of all the things I could make with those crystals and couldn’t hand over the money fast enough!
In a crystals shop, those pieces would probably cost 50p-£1 each, so I wasn’t going to turn away at the prospect of spending £4 on them!

I’ve only done a little crafting so far, but easily churned out these wrapped crystal charm pendants!

Want to make one too?

The method is practically the same as my agate necklace.

Simply wrap the crystal as described in the agate neclace tutorial, and fix on a charm using a jump ring and flat nosed pliers.

To add beads, slide them on during the process of wrapping (as described in my post on crystal wrapping techniques)

Yet again this was a cheap project, but again would make a great little gift!

Will link up at the parties listed below (provided I get the time!)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Voting for the 'I Will Wear it in Public!' challenge is now up! This time around you can vote for up to three entries per day! Click the button below to check out everyone's submissions and vote for your favourites.

Here's a quick reminder of my entry :)

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Skirt Refashion

Today I want to share a skirt refashion that I finished off recently!

Originally this skirt came from a £1 sale rail at a charity shop. Well, I think that it was a skirt.

The original ‘skirt’ was a bit strange really!
It seemed to be a wraparound, since it had a hole in the waist band for threading one of the ties through. But wearing it in the normal way would put the pockets at the back...and the pockets were in a style clearly meant to be at the front of the garment, like on a hoodie.

So it was either a very strange skirt, or a large apron!

Anyway. I loved the print and wanted to keep as much of that as possible. So I unpicked the waistband and the end seams. Then I sewed the seams together and installed a zip at the top. I also sewed a piece of the waistband behind the zip

I cut the waistband to size, gathered the top of the skirt so it would fit my waist, and sewed on the waistband anew. Then I sewed on a press stud to finish off!

Now the pockets are where they should be: at the front!

Since I had a lot of waistband/tie left over, I made this headband, too:

The buckle is just plastic and came from a charity shop. To make this I threaded on the buckle and sewed a short piece of elastic between the two ends of the length of fabric.

I still have some of the original waistband left, so have put it in my stash for later use!
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