Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Folk Tales of the Sea People

Over at Doing A Thing, I've been sharing a writing and painting project, Folk Tales of the Sea People. Since it's a creative endeavour, I realised, "Why haven't I written about it on Unfortunately Oh?"

What is Folk Tales of the Sea People?
An illustrated collection of Grimm-style fairy stories, presented as though collected from people of the sea by Cadogan Browne, a fictitious explorer of yester-year.

What mythical creatures are in the stories?
Mermaids, Siren, Selkie, Nereids, and more. I borrowed from the folklore of various different countries.

Which age group are the stories suitable for?
It depends on the story. Some, like Yam and the Octopus, are suitable for younger children; others are more suited to older children, teens, young adults and adults.

The Stories:

Preface and Introduction
In which a modern-day professor comments on the fact science has proved that mermaids to not exist, and Cadogan Browne introduces his compilation with insistence that they do.

Halwyn, or A Pinch of Salt
A tale of Selkie-folk in a saltless sea, set upon by a terrible creature--and what they do to defeat him.

A Havsrå's Fortune
The tale of a lonely Havsrå, who has the gift of seeing the future, but is cursed that Human men shall never remember her face.

Yam and the Octopus
A simple story about a nosy boy, and a grumpy octopus.

Golden Scales
In which Glyndwr the Vain learns not to be vain, through rather awful means. (Do note the warning at the beginning of this one.)

The Clam Keeper and the Sailor
A story about a Siren and a Human, who meet on the surface of the sea.

A Pearl For Your Daughter
A cautionary tale about a spoilt young Mermaid.

There are further stories to come, including that of a sea monster, a strange gentleman, sunken treasure, draugs and more. I'll post them all on Doing A Thing, so please follow there to see future posts.
Meanwhile, to see all the stories together, use the Folk Tales of the Sea People tag :)

Well, that's it for now. Sorry my posts here have been so few and far between, and so lacking in tutorials. I've not been particularly crafty recently, and when I have been, my crafting has been things that are fairly obvious (like shortening a skirt). So I've nothing to share!
Still, I'm grateful to everyone who takes a moment to read my posts, and hope you continue to enjoy them. :)
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