Saturday, 21 September 2013

Jabot with Neck Band

With Halloween at the end of October, I’m sure some of you are already thinking of spooky décor and fancy dress costumes (whether that’s for yourself or someone else!)

Today I’d like to share this tutorial for a jabot, or ‘frilly neck thingy’, attached to a simple neck band. The fastening is a press stud.

I'll be posting other jabot variations in future, so if this isn't quite for you, come back again :)

I figured this out by trial and error when I made the one in the picture (hence why the top frill is slightly wonky).

You’ll need:
Press stud
Thread to match
Tape measure
Note: This tutorial uses diagrams rather than work-in-progress photographs (I didn’t want to waste fabric making a whole new jabot). However I have included a couple of pictures of the finished jabot, for extra reference.

1. Draw out a trapezoid shape onto your fabric, 8cm at the top, 12cm at the bottom, and 14cm long. Add the seam allowance (I usually go for 1cm) cut out and hem the sides and bottom edge. This is the Back Piece.

2. You’ll also need to draw out three rectangles for the frills:
Frill A: 25cm x 10cm
Frill B: 30cm x 10cm
Frill C: 35cm x 10cm

Once again, add seam allowance to these pieces, cut them out and hem the edges.

3. Gather one long edge of Frill A so that it measures approx 8.5cm. Sew to the top of the Back Piece.


4. Gather one long edge of Frill B so that it measures approx 10.5cm. Sew this to the Back Piece, approx 8cm from the top.
The bottom of Frill A will overlap the top of Frill B enough that this line of stitching won’t show.

5. Gather one long edge of Frill C so that it measures approx 11.5cm. Sew to the bottom edge of the Back Piece (this worked out around 1cm from the bottom of the back piece).
The bottom of Frill B will overlap the top of Frill C.

6. Draw and cut out two long rectangles for the neck band:
Length = neck measurement + 5cm
Width = 5cm (or your desired neck band width plus seam allowance)

7. Place the jabot piece aligned with the TOP edge of one of the neck band pieces (both pieces should be right side UP). Then place the other neck band piece (right side DOWN) on top of this. Pin and sew along the sides and top edge.

8. Trim the corners of the neck band and turn the right way round (what was the top edge becomes the bottom edge)

9. Fold in the open edges of the neck band and pin. Sew along all four edges of the neck band and add a press stud to finish.  

Back View

Old picture is old

  • I started with the top frill as this way it’s easier to alter the overall length of the jabot as you go along.
  • Skip the hemming for a worn look (or if your fabric doesn’t need it, or if you don’t have time and it seems like too much effort just for one Halloween party!)

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