Saturday, 28 September 2013

Elasticated Jabot

Previously I shared a tutorial for a jabot with neckband. Today’s tutorial is for a simple elastic-neck jabot, perfect for wearing with a collared shirt! Mine is messy-looking because I didn't hem ;)

You can also make this without the elastic, and attach the jabot with pins (I’ve done this before too, due to laziness!)

Once again this is easy to make and can be put together using a small off-cut of fabric.

You’ll need:

Note: Thin cotton works best for this. The fabric I used in this tutorial has the black stripes printed onto it so it wasn’t completely ideal.

1. Cut out four rectangles of fabric:
A: 12 x 28 cm
B: 16 x 28 cm
C: 20 x 28 cm

Of course you can change these measurements for a longer or wider jabot.

2. (Optional) Hem the bottom (28cm) and sides of the rectangles. I opted not to hem this time. Not hemming does give a neat messy look, and you can pull at the threads to ‘age’ the jabot some more. :)

3. Line up the top edges of the rectangles and gather. To do this on a sewing machine, use a high thread tension and the longest stitch. Sew a line across the top and then pull on the threads at either end to gather the edges.

4. Cut a length of elastic to attach to the jabot. Make sure you check it will fit over your head, as well as on your neck! Sew the ends to either side of the top of the jabot, ensuring the elastic doesn’t get twisted in the process.

5. Cut a small rectangle to go across the gathered top of the jabot. I had cut a piece that was 14 x 3 cm as I didn’t plan to hem any of it (when gathered, the top measured 14cm). If you’re being tidy and hemming, remember to add a little to the measurements to account for turning the edges under.

6. Fold the small rectangle over the top of the jabot and sew it on to finish.

Here is another elastic-neck jabot that came from an old shirt:

This is very similar in construction, except that it’s made from three trapezoid shapes, curved at the top and bottom.

And of course, here’s a selfie. Arr, matey.

Like the eye patch? I have a tutorial for that! (Albeit an old one!)

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