Thursday, 26 April 2012

Skull Cabochon Pendant

Whilst playing around with crafting supplies, I put together this skull cabochon pendant.
I was inspired in part by a ring I saw a while ago that featured a fabric-covered cabochon, which I thought looked cute!
Since I had a whole bunch of plastic skull rings left over from Halloween last year, I decided to try and use some of them too.

I didn’t want to make something too blatantly Halloween-themed or horror-themed and I wanted something I could wear outside of the Halloween season too, so I decided to make the necklace shiny!

Here’s an easy-peasy tutorial:

You’ll need:
Scrap of fabric
Plastic skull ring or similar
Cabochon pendant setting
Cabochon to fit setting
Chain/existing necklace/ribbon
Clasp (optional)
Multipurpose glue
Jump ring (optional)*
Spray paint

Flat-nosed pliers
Wire cutters (optional)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sewing challenge ahoy!

Garment Sewing Challenge: May 2012

Well, voting for the Typography Challenge finishes at the end of the month, and over at Ricochet and Away, Rikka has already revealed the latest challenge: "I Will Wear it in Public!", a garment sewing challenge.
The challenge this time around is to sew a new (or refashioned) article of clothing that you would proudly wear in public, and to try something new in the process.

For me, the 'try something new' part is probably the biggest challenge, since all the things I haven't tried out are pretty daunting to me--shirts, shirring and corsetry are some that come to mind!

Admittedly I tried shirring before, but it really didn't work. I don't quite understand why--I used a brand new reel of shirring elastic, wound it onto the bobbin by hand, etc, but the bobbin case just shredded it! Absolutely must figure this one out! (If anyone has any suggestions why, I'd greatly appreciate some advice!)

Corsetry is out of the question for this challenge, simply because I think it would cost too much (money-wise and sanity-wise!) Maybe when I'm feeling braver, and haven't got a long 'to make' list!

Shirt-making is something I've kind of done before, in a sense that I made a rather shapeless shirt using the top half of a dress pattern, and ad-libbed a lot of it. I also managed to rip a hole in the shirt whilst opening the button holes. Oops. Lucky it was just for a fancy dress costume!

So at the moment, I'm leaning towards shirring, or maybe smocking. Otherwise I'll consult my retro craft books for inspiration!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Map Pendants

A while ago, my dad unearthed an old pocket diary and – since it was dated 2005 – was going to put it out for recycling.  Of course, I rescued it!
In the back of the diary was a set of maps, which I promptly pulled out for crafting with. (I have a thing about map crafts recently!)

Using sections of the maps, I put together these simple pendants.

Construction is really simple and uses items easily found on eBay or in your local craft shop.

Here’s a tutorial!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Travel: Sagrada Familia

It seems like an age ago that I shared some photos of past trips to Spain (it was--September!) Back then, I said I might eventually upload some pictures of the amazingly detailed Sagrada Familia.

Then I lost the pictures--or thought I did. After half an hour of confused flicking through old photographs, I realised these photos were taken on a digital camera, therefore would be on the computer and not in a shoebox of old photographs.

Some days it seems my brain goes on holiday, leaving me behind!

But you’re not here for my bird-brained ramblings; you’re here for the pictures, right?!
Your wish is my command!

The level of detail in the Sagrada Familia has always amazed me. I love the melting, mud-sculpted appearance of this fa├žade. Looking closely...

As well as stained-glass windows, scenes are depicted in the stonework!  The entirety of the building is steeped in symbology, the walls telling the story of Jesus and the history of Catholicism.

The rest of the building features carvings, too, both heavily detailed...

...and simpler stonework that lends itself to the existing beauty of the architecture:

Most of these photographs are from just one side of the building. On this trip we didn’t go inside. I went onside on a college trip, but have no web-worthy photographs (never mind that it was an art/photography trip...!

This is a truly amazing building. Only when you stand at its foot do you realise how high the spires reach into the sky and all the tiny details, each one placed with care and accuracy.
It’s no wonder that this great church, the construction of which began in 1882, is taking so long to be completed (as far as I know it is still being built!)

A lot of information is available on the official website for the Sagrada Familia.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Zip Clutch Tutorial

Remember this zip clutch? It was my submission for the Naughty Notions Challenge, run by Keren and Rikka! (The challenge they most recently hosted was the Typography Challenge. Read about my entry here and vote for your favourite here)

As I wrote before, the clutch gave me a bit of a headache and there was some trial and error involved in its production. But it was worth it--the clutch looks fab and I won silver! (Check out the other winners here)

Anyway, I finally got around to writing a tutorial for this bag. Pictures are somewhat limited this time (sorry!) as I forgot to take them.

...Okay, I’ll confess: I didn’t write a complete tutorial. I skipped the first part. Mainly because the hinge frame bag tutorial over at Bag’n-telle explains it perfectly—so check it out first for how to draft a pattern best suited to your hinge frame and your needs. (Then come back here…you will, won’t you?!)

You’ll need:
Lots of zips
Outer shell fabric
Interior fabric
Bias binding (to match or contrast with interior fabric)
Jump rings
Cottons to match your zips
Hinge frame
Strong glue (I used E6000)

Ruler, set square etc for drafting pattern
Tailor’s pencil/dressmaking chalk
Wire cutters
Sewing machine with zipper foot
Flat nose pliers
Something with a rounded point (I used flat-nose pliers)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Scraps Aplenty

Yesterday I received a package from my awesome friend Sara, from whom I'd bought some books. She also sent along a bag of fabric scraps, knowing I'm a crafty sort!

Aren't the colours great? A lot of it is offcuts and small scraps, but there are a few slightly larger pieces of fabric too (such as the red/green/yellow patterned, and the plain green fabrics).

This pile of fabrics is fantastic--mostly colours I wouldn't buy on a whim, and little embroidered offcuts that will make a great embellishments.

Now I need to decide what to make with it all...

I have thought about bunting--it's a craft I want to try!

Either regular bunting...

Source: via Kei on Pinterest

...or the rag bunting that seems all the rage right now:

Especially since the camoflage fabric is already cut into a long strip!

Or I could make something else entirely!

I think the pink and gold mesh fabrics would make an awesome finishing touch to a hat.

A lot of the fabric is lightweight and semi-sheer, which I'm not as used to working with.

What would you make?

Script Frenzy - Finished!

After writing here a couple of times about Script Frenzy, I finished up my script on Monday!

Here's a quick rundown of my pagecount progress:
Day 1 - 15 pages
Day 2 - 12 pages
Day 3 - 23 pages
Day 4 - 0 pages (bleh!)
Day 5 - 18 pages
Day 6 - 11 pages
Day 7 - 0 pages (gah!)
Day 8 - 15 pages
Day 9 - 14 pages

So I ended up at 108 pages, just over the target!

It sounds like a lot, but the way TV sitcom scripts are formatted waste a lot of page space :)

I'm surprised at how quickly I got through it really, since after writing around 10 pages I got stuck. Several days running, I got stuck. Then there were days when I didn't write anything at all.

Last year I had to go back and add in more material (last year I wrote a musical stage play).  This year, though I ground to a halt a few times, I reached the target without having to go back and add stuff. Boy was I relieved!

No more writing challenges now until NaNoWriMo in November!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Followers and Frenzy!

I popped onto the blog to write about Script Frenzy, but just discovered that Unfortunately Oh now has 100 followers! Hurrah!
I started this blog at the end of 2010, thinking it would be awesome even if I got ten followers, so for the blog to have grown and gained a hundred followers makes me really happy!

Thank you to all of you! Without your readership and kind comments, this blog couldn't have got this far. :)

With regards Script Frenzy, I am now at 79 pages!
I've had a couple of days - like today - where I've been unable to write anything, but with TV script formatting it's actually pretty easy to fill up a page. I had a little trouble at first, unsure of whether what I'm writing is funny, but am getting into the swing of it now.
21 pages to go and I'll have hit the 100-page target. I know how I'm going to end Act II, and what's going to happen in the tag--it's just a case of filling in the gaps in-between with things that will make people laugh.
Here's hoping I can bash out a few more pages tomorrow!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Typography Challenge Voting!

home sweet home canvas

You might remember my Home Sweet Home wall decor that I wrote about not so long ago! As I wrote before, it was my submission for the Typography Challenge, hosted by Rikka (Ricochet and Away!) and Keren (sew la vie).

Voting for the challenge is now open! Click the button below to check out all the fantastic submissions, vote for  your favourite, and leave some love to the lovely challenge hostesses!

This challenge was great fun to participate in, as was the previous challenge (Naughty Notions clutch--see my entry here and keep watching for a tutorial!)

I can't wait to see what challenge those two creative ladies throw us next!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Thrifted Treasures

Since I was a child, my village has had a brilliant little charity shop. It’s independent, raising funds for the village itself--and it’s a goldmine! (And also very cheap.)

Only on a rare occasion do I go in and come out empty-handed. This is one of those old-school charity shops, where none of the hangers match or have sizes on them, the paint is peeling from the wall in one corner and you really have to rummage to find what you want.

In other words, it’s the best charity shop experience ever! I do like organised shops, but these charity shops that are independent (one shop only, not part of a chain) with dark little corners of clutter, have a lot of charm!

Here are my finds from my recent jaunt to the charity shop:

I nearly passed up on this gorgeous embroidered top! I had my eye on another one in a luscious orange, but it was a little small. When I held this one up in front of the mirror, I fell in love! (With the top, not my reflection!) It looked huge on the hanger but fits beautifully and looks great with a belt. This will be awesome for when the weather warms up. 
Here's a closeup of the embroidery:
Cost: £3--bargain!

I picked up this scarf next, after having a rummage through the three scarf containers there. Long ago I disliked this style, but I loved the print and colours of this one! I have lots of scarves but there’s always room for a few more, right?
Cost: £1.25, cheap as chips

This necklace was something I picked up because it looked nice with the orange top I tried on, but I decided to buy it anyway because I loved the multiple strands of beads! The price was low because it was missing a clasp; this morning I spent a couple of minutes fitting one which was no hassle at all.
Cost: £0.50 (unbelievable!)

Lastly, probably my best buy of the trip! These pendants had been bagged up to be sold together, since none of them had chains. Some I wasn’t all that taken on, but I’m pretty sure I’ll find something to do with all of them eventually.
I basically bought them for this one:
 Isn’t it beautiful?! That really is a tiny piece of tapestry work in there, not a print. I can’t wait to create a vintage-inspired necklace with it!
Cost: £3.50--that works out at just £0.4375 each. Amazing. Another charity shop might have asked £3.50 just for the tapestry one.

Total spend: £8.25.

Compared to other charity shops, that’s pretty darn cheap. In fact some of the jewellery items might not have even been put out for sale in some charity shops on account of missing chains/clasps.

Were I a complete fashionista, I’d have been immensely happy on this most recent jaunt to the charity shop! I found a narrow-pleated skirt on the sale rail, for just £1.50. Go to any high street fashion store and you’ll pay upwards of £20 for the same thing.

(Unfortunately I’m not a fan of those skirts, they remind me too much of school! )

Still, I’m pleased with my charity shop finds. Discovering a treasure amidst the clutter is so rewarding, and knowing the money will go to a good cause makes it even better.
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