Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Travel: Sagrada Familia

It seems like an age ago that I shared some photos of past trips to Spain (it was--September!) Back then, I said I might eventually upload some pictures of the amazingly detailed Sagrada Familia.

Then I lost the pictures--or thought I did. After half an hour of confused flicking through old photographs, I realised these photos were taken on a digital camera, therefore would be on the computer and not in a shoebox of old photographs.

Some days it seems my brain goes on holiday, leaving me behind!

But you’re not here for my bird-brained ramblings; you’re here for the pictures, right?!
Your wish is my command!

The level of detail in the Sagrada Familia has always amazed me. I love the melting, mud-sculpted appearance of this fa├žade. Looking closely...

As well as stained-glass windows, scenes are depicted in the stonework!  The entirety of the building is steeped in symbology, the walls telling the story of Jesus and the history of Catholicism.

The rest of the building features carvings, too, both heavily detailed...

...and simpler stonework that lends itself to the existing beauty of the architecture:

Most of these photographs are from just one side of the building. On this trip we didn’t go inside. I went onside on a college trip, but have no web-worthy photographs (never mind that it was an art/photography trip...!

This is a truly amazing building. Only when you stand at its foot do you realise how high the spires reach into the sky and all the tiny details, each one placed with care and accuracy.
It’s no wonder that this great church, the construction of which began in 1882, is taking so long to be completed (as far as I know it is still being built!)

A lot of information is available on the official website for the Sagrada Familia.

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