Saturday, 7 February 2015

Little Deer Wakes Up

So for several months, my Etsy store, Little Deer Daydreams, has been on the backburner.

No more!

Little by little, I am adding products to the store.
Some old...

Some new...

So far I've listed necklaces, earrings, and rings made with gemstones and metals.
But there will be bracelets, too, and products made from other materials, including vintage components. More colours also to come soon :)

Check out Little Deer Daydreams to see more.

I'm glad to have got this restarted. It's been on my To Do list for a while!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Autumn Window Display

Not long ago, I shared photos of the Christmas windowdisplay that I put together for a charity shop.
As I wrote previously, I'd intended to post about some other displays that I never got around to writing about.

Today's post is about the autumn-themed window, created in September.

Once again, some of the photos here have unfortunate reflections of the buildings opposite, so the most 'complete' image also depicts the other side of the high street!

Sometimes, window displays are changed on the spur of the moment, other times they are planned out in advance, enabling me to look around for inspiration.
I decided to hang a long twig in front of an old net curtain after finding a photograph of autumn tree branches in the fog.

Monday, 22 December 2014

2014 Crafting Recap

2014 may have been a quiet year on the craft blogging front, as I became rather distracted with Doing A Thing, but here's a recap of some of my posts from the past year...

measuring tape belt
Made using an old measuring tape, a buckle, eyelets and glue.

paper sticks of rock
Paper Sticks of Rock / Beach-Themed Party Favours
Made from paper, card and cellophane.

pine cone christmas ornaments
Easiest Christmas Pine Cone Ornaments
Made with pine cones, pins and ribbon

wire-wrapped leather bracelets
Wire-Wrapped Beaded Leather Bracelets
Made with leather cord, wire, beads and basic findings
A project to use up some accidentally-bought leather cord.

pearl and leather wrap bracelet
Pearl & Leather Wrap Bracelet
Made with leather cord, faux pearls, and basic findings.

cord and chain necklace DIY
Cord & Chain Necklace
Made with cord, chain, beads, embroidery thread and basic findings

scandi christmas heart decorations
Upcycled Festive Heart Decorations
Made with an old pillow case, pillow stuffing and embroidery thread

christmas window display
Charity Christmas Window Display
Created from donated, handmade and recycled/upcycled items!

 Well, that's probably about it for this year. I'll post more leather cord crafts as I make them, and some others along the way. Until then, seasons greetings to you all. :)

Friday, 19 December 2014

Cord & Chain Necklace

Though I had some hassle getting cord ends that would fit my reams of leather cord, I finally settled for some coil end springs (which are slightly too big, but close enough).

So, armed with my shiny new pack of cord ends, I began experimenting and now I have this cord & chain necklace tutorial to share with you!

This project will take 1-2 hours; it took me a while because I made a couple of mistakes during the process.

Here comes the how to!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Brown Paper Packages...

cheap giftwrap idea

'Tis the season when the makers of gift-wrapping products are rubbing their hands in glee.
Well, sorry rich dudes, but I wrapped all my presents for the grand sum of 89p.

(Yes, 89p!)

Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas Window Display

As I've mentioned here previously, I volunteer at a charity shop. One of the great perks of volunteering is that I get to flex my creative fingers in putting together window displays!
Being a charity, we don't have a huge budget to play with (or any budget, really) so it's a case of being super-inventive with reams of donated stuff and scrap card/paper/etc.

Get your skates on and grab that charity bargain before someone else does!

This year in particular, I've tried to make some displays that are more visually interesting! I've intended to post about some of them for a while, so will eventually share pictues of the summer and autumn-themed windows I created.
For now, here is our Victorian Christmas-themed display!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Ivy & Pine Cone Wreath

With Christmas in just a couple of weeks, Channel 4 have gifted us with more Kirstie's Handmade Christmas. One of the features on this week's episode was an ivy wreath. It was made to be hung up horizontally, and was adorned with candles and little paper stars in true Scandinavian style.

I was inspired to make one myself, but opted for one to hang vertically on the door. I ended up with the wreath in the picture above, which I decorated with some ribbon, baubles, and good old pine cones.

Hopefully this will hold together during Christmas--the ivy is remarkably easy to manipulate and holds itself in shape, but last night we had really strong winds (luckily I'd seen the forecast and brought the wreath indoors!) For a first attempt, I'm pleased with how this turned out!
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