Thursday, 24 October 2013

Lazy Last Minute Clown Ruff

Previously, I posted a tutorial for a clown/pierrot ruff. It works pretty well, but is also pretty damn time consuming—it takes a good day or more!

This one is much faster. I’m talking of less than an hour to make. Maybe only ten minutes!
It won't look as good, but this is more of a last-minute party costume piece. It is made using string and crepe paper, staples of my childhood fancy dress costumes :)

You’ll need:
Crepe paper
Pen/Needle/something to punch holes with

Alternatives to crepe paper:
Wallpaper lining paper (stiffer, with bonus of being able to paint it)
Vinyl (no hemming needed!)
Lace trim (no hemming needed, plus there are already holes!)

1. Cut a piece of string twice your neck measurement, and a length of crepe paper the width you want the ruff to be.

2. Fold the crepe paper into a concertina and punch a hole through one end. I used a biro, as that’s what I had to hand.

3. Thread onto the string. You’ll probably have to cut more lengths of paper; I used about three but could have used four or five for a fuller look. I also tied the ends of the string in a bow to stop the paper slipping off.

4. Use paperclips to hold together the ends of the lengths of crepe paper together.

5. Rearrange the ruffles when you put it on. Here it is on me, it’s a little floppy but it works for a lazy, last-minute piece for trick or treating, or a fancy dress party. Make one in white and put on with some baggy white PJs for the laziest pierrot costume ever (if you're feeling really lazy, you can sleep in it!)

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