Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Pinning Inspiration #23

Continuing on from recent themes, this week's Pinning Inspiration looks at religious interiors.


Places of worship are full of beautiful decoration--and inspiration!
Religious places may make use of stained glass to depict scenes from holy texts and create shows of awe-inspiring coloured light to remind worshippers of the power of their deity.


Or they might involve brightly coloured mosaics or painting, not only on the walls but on every available surface!


Others might be more demure in colour, instead incorporating carved stone, alcoves and huge domes.


Decoration may be almost to the point of gaudiness, golden and compelling... both muted and brighter colours, nonetheless symbolic.


Whether bare stone with carved wood, or clean white walls with exposed beams, these places offer a space to sit and contemplate...


...or perhaps to meditate upon the patterns and colours within the decoration about us.


Light and shade, alcoves and arches are all utilised in these spaces. Sound becomes amplified in such vast buildings, and maybe the size serves as a reminder of how small we simple humans are.

I'm not going to suggest that we all remodel our houses to incorporate high arches or cavernous, mosaic-covered domes. A Michelangelo-inspired fresco is probably best left to our daydreams too, unless you happen to be a skilled artist :)

But there are other ways we can use these places as inspiration for our own home: mosaic floor in the bathroom (or in the entryway if you really want to make a statement!), printed curtains or cushions, lampshades made from coloured glass...

Looking at some of the designs found in fashion, housewares, etc, it's very clear that places of worship have an influence on the inspirations of designers.

So I'll finish this post with one last pin completely different to the rest shown here...

It's pretty gaudy but I absolutely love it! The source of inspiration for this whole collection is pretty obvious (and I want it all!)

Do you welcome religious motifs and inspirations into your home?

What is your opinion on the use of such within housewares and fashion?

Do you think that religious imagery should be used solely for religious uses?
You are welcome to share your thoughts in the comments. 

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