Saturday, 23 July 2016

Vintage-Style Leather Cuff

Over the past few days I've brought you leather cuffs of several different styles. Leather & chain, painted leather, and even leather using spacer bars as decoration.

This is the final post of the set (for now) and can once again make use of upcycled materials!

If you've got an old brooch knocking about that you never wear, this is the craft for using it!

You'll need:
Leather or suede scrap
Silk or ribbon
Eyelet kit
Scissors, ruler and pen

1. Cut out a piece of leather, wrist measurement -1" long x 1.75" wide.
Fold width-ways, and trim the middle of the cuff to make an hourglass shape.
(Ignore the little buckle in this picture; I changed my mind on what I was going to do!)

2. Attach 3-4 eyelets on each end of the cuff (depending on what size eyelets you're using)

3. Lace with ribbon, or a long strip of silk for a more 'worn' appearance, and knot the ends

4. To finish, pin a brooch to the narrower part of the cuff.
If your brooch has lost its pin, fix it to the cuff using strong, multi-purpose glue.

Hope you've been inspired by my trio of leather cuff posts! I have some other ideas, so may be crafting and sharing them in the future!

Here's some quick links to the previous posts:
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  1. beautiful love the blue and the metal against it. I love the vintage style as well
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