Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Free Printable: Easter Egg Hunt

When I was a child, we never had Easter Egg Hunts. Instead, my Mum would cut out different coloured teddy bears, and my sisters and I would each have to seek out the bears of the colour we were given. Once we'd found all the bears of our chosen colour, we would get a prize.

Taking inspiration from this, I've created this alternative Easter Egg Hunt printable!
Rather than hunting for eggs, each participant can hunt for a specific-coloured chick, and then cash them in for their chocolate egg once they've found them all!

free easter egg hunt printable easter chick

This is great if you only gift your kids one egg each at Easter, but want to give them the fun experience of an Easter egg hunt.
It also solves the problem of one child ending up with more eggs than the other!

free easter chick colouring printable

I've included two versions of the same printable in this post: one coloured, one black and white.
The black and white version is here in case you'd rather print straight onto coloured card, or want to expand on the Easter activities with a colouring-in session before the hunt begins!

Looking for Easter Egg Hunt signs? 
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