Thursday, 5 November 2015

In Case of Hoarding, Smash Stash.

Recently, Samantha of At Home With Mrs H began 'The Big November Destashing', in which she encourages us fabric hoarders to destash and - radical idea - use some of that fabric!

Considering the frightening mess that is my scraps collection (above), it sounded like a great idea, so I rolled up my sleeves and set to work!

You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff I had ferreted away!

My fabrics live in these vintage suitcases, which I wrote about before. (If you're wondering, I ended up going for the draw liner option!)
The embroidered tags are a scrap-busting project posted here a few years ago. They still look pretty good, huh?

Of all the cases, it was my 'Scraps' case that was the biggest headache. It was crammed with stuff!

I had the tiniest snippets of fabric stashed away!
I ended up setting myself a rule: if it's not big enough to make a lavender sachet, it goes!

...alright, so I kept the orange and blue flowery fabric above. It would make a nice decorative stripe or strap on a future project!

After much toiling, my scraps case is now organised and tidy! I separated out the larger and smaller scraps. Felt lives in the pocket along with some scraps of vinyl, and the plastic bag contains toy eyes.
I use some of this stuff for making Monstars!

It was much easier to sort the rest of the fabrics. On her blog, Samantha suggested making piles for fabric you love, fabric that's uninspiring, and fabric you doubt you'll use.

I tried to stick to this, but ended up with 'Fabric I love', 'Fabric I don't know what to do with', 'Projects that need finishing or unpicking' and 'I don't even know anymore'!

...after a while, the latter became a 'This has to go!' pile.

The destash worked reasonably well--I have a pile for the charity shop and a pile for the bin (I'd recycle it, but the textile recycling companies only want clothing... That's a rant for another day.)

Now I have a better idea of the fabrics I own! Hurrah!

During my destash, I discovered lots of old treasures, such as this  piece of fabric that I 'Bedazzled' when I was a child. Back then, our local charity shop sold bags of fabric scraps. Sometimes my Mum bought them for my sisters and I. Most of it ended up as skirts or superhero capes for Barbie, but I had the foresight to keep (and Bedazzle) this piece.

One day I might even decide what to do with it!

Look how tidy it is!

Next up is to do the 'using' part of this destashing thing.

For some of my stash, at least, I have ideas--I kept a notebook and pen beside me as I destashed, and ended up with a fifteen-strong bulleted list of things I could make. Some of them involve buying more fabric... I think those projects can wait! this space?

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