Monday, 2 November 2015

DIY Vintage Buckle Pendants

how to make a pendant from a buckle

Today I want to share this really straightforward DIY for making pendants from buckles!

You could incorporate these into a great gift for any vintage fan or family history nut--see below for how I used mine!

vintage photographs and diamante buckles

You'll need:
Vintage photographs
Vintage tri-glide buckles
Jump rings
Multi-purpose glue
Scrap of paper
Optional: Photo paper, scanner, image editing software

Flat-nosed jewellery pliers
Toothpick or disposable cocktail stick

DIY buckle jewelry

1. Measure the buckles. Either cut the photos down to size, or use image editing software to crop them as you want, so you don't damage the originals.

Tip: Print onto photo paper rather than normal printer paper.
In the picture above, I've compared ordinary paper (top) to photo paper (bottom).
See the difference in quality between the two!

vintage style jewellery tutorial

2. Trim the edges of the photo to match the buckle size, and use a toothpick to apply glue around the back of the buckle.
I squirted a blob of glue onto scrap paper and applied it with a pin, because I didn't have a toothpick to hand!

how to make vintage inspired jewellery

3. Attach a jump ring to the central bar of the buckle, at the back. Join a second jump ring to the first to make it easier to attach to other things!
You're done! Time to make it into something beautiful!

vintage style necklace

I used my pendants to make this necklace.
Almost all decorative parts have some link to family--the buckles belonged to a great-grandma, the photos are of family, the watch keys belonged to my grandad and the threepenny bits came from my nan!

vintage photo pendant

The chandelier crystal at the bottom was from an antiques shop - I use them for items on my Etsy store - and the small, plastic ones have been in my stash for ages, along with the little watch gear.

Hope this tutorial was helpful/inspiring! Check the tutorials tag or the jewellery tag for more. :)

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  1. I think it's wonderful that you actually used items from/pictures of your family in a vintage-inspired piece like this. It makes it that bit more special, personal and unique!

    The look of the finished necklace is really striking - it's great! It seems like it could be worn with casual outfits or something a little bit more dressy too, which is always a bonus. :)


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