Monday, 21 December 2015

11 Jewellery DIYs to Start Your Year with Style

Christmas and New Year may be looming, with mulled wine and turkey still to go, but it's never too early to plan your crafts for next year.
After all, there's only 10 days left of 2015...

I've dug into the archives for this roundup of past tutorials.
Here are 11 DIYs to start your 2016 with style (or at least a trip to your favourite crafting store!)

Starting with the easiest--if you want more of a challenge, or something more time-consuming scroll to the bottom and check out my Pompom Necklace and Metal Disc Necklace DIYs!

amethyst collar DIY 
If you can glue one thing to another thing, this is the craft for you.
Despite being so easy to make, this is a great statement piece!

Level: Easy
Can you tie a knot? Then you can make this necklace. 
Nice gift for an earthy person, or for yourself :)

Higgledy-Piggledy Bracelets
Level: Easy
So long as you can loop a piece of wire, you're good.
This is a good one to do on a rainy day. Bored children optional!

Level: Easy
More cutting and sticking!

DIY metal and lace earrings
Level: Easy
Requires basic jewellery-making knowledge. And glue.
Designer-inspired, on a budget.

Bottle necklace tutorial
Level: Easy/Intermediate
Slightly fiddly at first, but overall pretty easy!
Plus you can customise it for the wearer.

swarovski inspired bracelet
Level: Easy/Intermediate
Intermediate mainly because some is a little fiddly!
I'd encourage anyone who feels they're at 'easy' level to give this a try.
You might surprise yourself!

beaded tassel earring tutorial
Level: Intermediate
Patience required. And lots of eye-pins.
These days I don't wear earrings often, but these always get positive comments!
(Usually people don't believe I made them...)

Level: Intermediate
Can you thread a needle? Got lots of jump rings? Great!
This is my go-to necklace when I want to make a small statement ;)

pompom necklace tutorial
Level: Hard
Needs time and patience for the fiddly bits!
...a lot of this is 'fiddly bits'.
This DIY is worth it, because the necklace is always a talking-point.

coins necklace
Level: Hard
An ooooooooold tutorial (you can tell by the photo haha)
In theory this is a straightforward make.
In practise it's pretty darn fiddly.
But it looks good and goes with everything!

That's it for this roundup. Remember, you can check out other posts in the tutorials tag, and of course the jewellery tag.

Here's to a crafty 2016!
(Where I may update this blog more than a handful of times...)

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