Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tutorial: Wire-Wrapped Agate Crystal Necklace

Being a frequent reader of fashion magazines, recently I’ve noticed a lot of crystal jewellery popping up here and there.
Agate in particular has appeared a number of times, and why not? It looks great, is cheaply bought and comes in a variety of colours!

I love the patterns found in agate and always like an excuse to make some more jewellery, so I sat down with my supplies and made this:

agate necklace

Rather than drill through the crystal as in a lot of the necklaces available (sacrilege!) I decided to wrap it in jewellery wire.

Here’s how you can make your own. You can use this wire-wrapping technique to create pendants with any other crystals.

wire-wrapped crystal

Time needed: 30~60 minutes (depending on dexterity!)

You’ll need:
A crystal
Jewellery wire
Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Side cutters

Note: If doing this for the first time, try a textured crystal (e.g. in its natural state) rather than one with a smooth, polished appearance (a tumbled crystal). Whilst it’s possible to wire-wrap smooth crystals, it’s a more fiddly since the wire slips across the crystal’s surface.

Anyway. On with the tutorial!

wire-wrapped crystal necklace

1. Bend the wire around the round nose pliers with 1.5-2 inches to spare on the end.

wire-wrapped agate crystal necklace

2. Using flat nose pliers, wrap the end around the rest of the wire to create a bail.

agate slice necklace

3. Start wrapping the wire around the crystal. Hold the bail in place at the back of the crystal and carefully bend the wire around to the front.

agate necklace

4. Bend the wire around to the back of the crystal again. You’ll need to hold the wire and crystal tightly to ensure it doesn’t slip out before you’re finished!

agate necklace

5. As you continue to bend the wire around the crystal, change the angle of the wire so that you catch different edges and corners e.g. so it can’t slip out of the wire.

agate necklace

6. Once you the crystal is secure and your pendant has its desired look, bend the wire to the back again and wind the wire around itself at the bail. Cut off the excess and bend the end down with the flat nose pliers.

agate necklace

7. Thread onto a chain and go show off your fashionable new necklace to all your friends!

Check back soon for a post on decorative wire-wrapping techniques--easy ways to make your crystal pendant look extra special!


  1. This is awesome! Excited to make it, thank you!

  2. Thank you,very easy steps!
    I appreciate that.

  3. I love making jewelry and can't resist a beautiful gem stone. With this tutorial I will hopefully be able to make some beautiful jewelry out of them.


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