Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tutorial: Chicken and the Egg Necklace

Ages ago, I found some cute chick motifs when clearing out a cupboard. I put them aside in the hope of thinking of a use for them.

Today, I made this ‘Chicken and the Egg’ necklace:

chicken and egg easter necklace tutorial

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make one for yourself!

easter necklace tutorial

Time needed: 30~60 minutes

You’ll need:
Chick motif
Egg-shaped bead or similar (I used a stone)
1 m ribbon (approx)
Bead-stringing wire
Jewellery wire
Needle & thread
1 split ring
Pliers (flat nose, round nose and side cutters)

easter necklace

1. First off, wrap your ‘egg’ with wire (see my agate necklace tutorial). Start by making the bails for the top and bottom of the egg...

chick necklace

2. ...then wrap it. At the back, I bent the end of the wire underneath itself so it won’t catch on anything.
egg necklace

beaded easter necklace

3. Cut a piece of wire longer than you want the beaded section to be:

 (height of motif x2) + (length of beaded section) + 1~2 inches

Attach the split ring to the end of the bead-stringing wire with two crimps, spacing the crimps out. The distance between the bottom crimp and the top of the split ring should be slightly smaller than the height of your chick motif. 

necklace with sew on motif

4. Thread on your beads. I went for a mixture of modern wooden beads, old green beads, plus a couple of gold ones to balance out the yellow of the chick.

necklace with chick

5. Use a crimp to fix the other end of the bead-stringing wire to the bottom of your wire-wrapped ‘egg’.  Cut off any excess wire. 

chicken and egg necklace

6. Thread your ribbon through the split ring...

spring necklace

7. ...and the top bail of the ‘egg’, leaving enough ribbon in between to slip your head through.

seasonal necklace

8. Tie the ends of the ribbon together in a bow.

handmade necklace

9. Sew your motif onto the exposed section of bead-stringing wire and the split ring. 

easter chick and ribbon necklace

cute easter necklace
 And you’re done!

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