Sunday, 10 April 2011

Tutorial: Key Necklace

I have a small obsession with jewellery and after seeing a cute key necklace in a magazine, decided to make my own.

Here’s the one I put together:

key necklace

And this is the Black Key necklace by AnnaLou of London (£20):

Read on for an easy-peasy way to make your own!

key necklace tutorial

Time needed: 10-15 minutes (excluding paint drying time)

You’ll need:
An old key
Two jump rings
Paint suitable for use on metals (I used spray enamel)

Eye pins

key necklace tutorial

1. Clean the key to remove any excess grease that might affect the paint, then paint and leave to dry. If spray-painting, try hanging the key on a length of bent wire--you can spray the entire key in one go, and hang it up somewhere safe to dry.

key necklace tutorial

2. If you want to add beads, thread a bead onto an eye pin. Bend the straight piece of wire over round-nose pliers to make a loop and cut away any leftover wire. Slip the next eye pin onto the loop before closing it and repeat this step for the rest of the beads. (Picture here is recycled from my Tassel Necklace tutorial because I didn’t take a photo this time around!)

3. Connect a piece of chain to the end of your line of beads. (Do this for both sides of the necklace, if putting beads on both sides)

key necklace

4. Attach the other end of the line of beads to the key, using jump rings.
If you don’t want to add beads, simply use jump rings to attach the chain to the key.

key necklace tutorial

5. Add a clasp to the top of the chain.

key necklace

6. Enjoy this stylishly cute new addition to your jewellery box!

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  1. Love this! What a fabulous idea!
    And thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, btw :)

  2. I like old things, including keys so this tutorial using a very old fashioned key is delightful and inspirational! Okay to feature and link in a future post so others can come visit?


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