Saturday, 2 April 2011

Partial Room Makeover

Over the past couple of weeks, I've made a few changes to my room!
My desk/dressing table was a mess and more of a place to dump things than to use as intended. There was a pretty big dent in the wall above it from where I took down a TV stand (which subsequently pulled plaster off the wall, eek!)

I don't have any 'before' pictures, but here is how it looks now, after spending a little money, utilising Dad's DIY expertise, and doing some serious tidying!

Here is the wall--after it was repainted at the top, I added a floating shelf and reorganised the pictures that have been prettying up my room for years!

And the desk! The two little Rococo-style drawers were bought from ebay; I use them to house jewellery and makeup!

I made the jewellery board. Here's a better picture, taken before I hung it up and began piling more necklaces on!

I won't write a proper tutorial for this, because there are already a lot in blogland.
However, they are really easy to make, so here is a short explanation:

Basically, I took the glass out of a frame and marked on the backboard where I wanted the knobs and hooks to go. Then I sweet-talked my fabulous Dad into drilling the holes for me!
Next, I glued some wadding to the back board. Once the glue had dried, I stretched some fabric over the board and secured at the back with duck tape. I was going to use glue, but I ran out!
I then used the holes in the backboard as a guide and made holes through the wadding/fabric for the knobs/hooks.
I screwed everything on, and again took advantage of Dad DIY Services (I highly recommend it!) to cut off the excess screw at the back with an angle grinder (a handsaw works too).

I'm pleased with how this display board turned out. Having seen so many of them online, I wondered if I could make something anywhere near as good!
Overall, this display board cost me around £10, the most expensive part being the £7 frame. Excepting the butterfly knob (42p from Habitat), all the other knobs and hooks came from charity shops. Everything else was already in the house, left over from various projects!

Moving on, here are the gorgeous bird hooks I bought for my longer necklaces:

I bought these from BHS for £10 and £6 respectively. I have very little pale pink in my room, but they were the perfect size and style!

They also co-ordinate well with my light fitting:


I made this years ago--the petals were in the January sale at BHS (I threaded them onto jewellery wire), whilst the butterflies and humming birds came from The Famous Little Store in Padstow, Cornwall.

On the opposite wall, I changed the poster and put it in a frame:

I wanted to mirror the gold-framed pictures across the room. This frame is the same type as the one I used for my necklace display board, but customised:


This is how the frame originally looked (as on the display board)...

...and this is how the poster frame looks.
The customisation was cheap and simple: I glued lace trim around the centre section of the frame and gave it a few coats of gold spray-paint!

And now? Now I'll stop bragging about my room!

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