Saturday, 2 June 2012

Skirt Refashion

Today I want to share a skirt refashion that I finished off recently!

Originally this skirt came from a £1 sale rail at a charity shop. Well, I think that it was a skirt.

The original ‘skirt’ was a bit strange really!
It seemed to be a wraparound, since it had a hole in the waist band for threading one of the ties through. But wearing it in the normal way would put the pockets at the back...and the pockets were in a style clearly meant to be at the front of the garment, like on a hoodie.

So it was either a very strange skirt, or a large apron!

Anyway. I loved the print and wanted to keep as much of that as possible. So I unpicked the waistband and the end seams. Then I sewed the seams together and installed a zip at the top. I also sewed a piece of the waistband behind the zip

I cut the waistband to size, gathered the top of the skirt so it would fit my waist, and sewed on the waistband anew. Then I sewed on a press stud to finish off!

Now the pockets are where they should be: at the front!

Since I had a lot of waistband/tie left over, I made this headband, too:

The buckle is just plastic and came from a charity shop. To make this I threaded on the buckle and sewed a short piece of elastic between the two ends of the length of fabric.

I still have some of the original waistband left, so have put it in my stash for later use!


  1. I love the print too, how gorgeous is that fabric? You've turned it into a perfect maxi skirt! Pinning b/c it is just so pretty! :)

  2. That is so pretty Kei. Love the headband too.

  3. Love this skirt, it would be perfect for summer...if we haven't already had all the summer we're going to get! :D xx


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