Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Second-hand Shopping

It always happens. Just as I decide to curb my spending a little, I get the overwhelming desire to hunt for bargains--and usually find something, too. It's also one of the perils of volunteering at a charity shop. There will always be something you want, right there, tempting you from the rail or shelf or display...

Nevertheless, I'm pretty pleased with my recent second-hand shopping haul!

This collar apparently came off of a vintage coat and cost me £2. The coat itself was too damaged for the charity to sell on, but they decided it was worth trying to sell the collar, which was in good condition. It's a gorgeous fake fur and will look great with a bunch of my own jackets and coats, so I snapped it up.

Since it had no fastenings and had only been held onto the original coat with a few loops, I cut off the old loops and sewed a hook and eye to the points. I might also wear this with the ends crossed over and pinned with a costume brooch!

I bought this little curtain in another charity shop, for £1! One side has some holes in it, but I'm hoping there is just enough useable fabric to turn it into a skirt.

Some lovely vintage military buttons with a lovely weight to them (£1.50) and some embroidery silk that cost 20p each. Recently I made a whole pile of tassels and used up some of my favourite colours, so I replenished my stock :)
I also snapped up 3 cards of hooks and eyes, for 10p each, but forgot to photograph them.
All from charity shops, as the prices might suggest!

This gorgeous crushed velvet shawl came from the same place as the collar. It was £2 but would probably have been more if not for the marks on it (which I removed, hurrah!). I love the colour and the length of the tassels!

Finally, the only thing not bought in a charity shop is this thingamyjigga! Apparently it's an 'Indian Vintage Pomander'...

As you can see, the lid comes off and has a little dipper inside. I love the idea of the bottle containing some kind of exotic scent... I wonder what I could keep inside?
Anyway, this pretty trinket set me back £2.50 and came from a local vintage shop. I love the price and the style, and will be wearing it around my neck very soon :)


  1. Or poison! You could carry it around and then discreetly slip some into your mortal enemy's drink :)

  2. Oooh, I like the way Samantha thinks, lol. She must be a writer. Love that shawl.


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