Thursday, 7 February 2013

Easy Stud Necklace DIY

easy stud chain necklace DIY

I put together this easy-peasy stud necklace after seeing one in a concert video! Due to this I can’t credit the original design :( But I here is a tutorial anyway.

This is such an easy DIY that even a novice could do it!

beginners necklace DIY

You’ll need:
A square stud (mine was just over 1cm square)
A thin chain necklace of your chosen length OR thin chain and a clasp to make your own
Scrap of vinyl or similar non-fraying textile

Paint (not used in this tutorial--see variation suggestions at end)


Optional, if making own chain necklace:
Wire cutters
Flat nose pliers

simple tutorial for stud necklace

1. Cut a square of vinyl to fit inside the back of the stud. If making your own chain necklace, cut chain to length and add the clasp.

easy stud necklace

2. Place the centre of the chain across the back of the stud, then put the square of vinyl over the top.

spike necklace tutorial

3. Bend the spikes down hold everything in place. For extra stability, you could put a dot of glue on the tips of the spikes. I tried this but it looked a bit messy, so I cleaned it off again!
4. Adjust chain placement if needed (I moved closer to one of the spikes).

spike necklace how to
Wasn’t that a no-brainer!

  • Paint the stud in a colour of your choice before fixing onto the chain. Bright colours would look awesome!
  • Hang some charms or beads on a jump ring and attach to the bottom spike.
  • Attach the chain via a jump ring to the top spike, instead of across the back of the stud, for a slightly different look (this would enable you to use thicker chain)

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  2. super cute what a great gift to give someone you love
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