Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Warped and Whorly Wood

Whilst on a walk in nearby woods a few months ago, I discovered this fantastic wood!

Towards the end of my favourite route, some trees had been cut back. All the sawn off branches had just been left at the side of the pathway.

That was where I found these lovely pieces! I love how different branches have twisted and grown around and into each other to create unusual shapes.

Of course, it was all covered in dried mud, with the occasional dead bug and some paint.

This wood also had a case of woodworm, so it was banished to our (metal and glass) conservatory until I could deal with it.
Nanny supplied some woodworm treatment and I gave the wood several coats...

...Then left it for a couple of weeks when I got distracted by other things.

Thankfully, Dad found some varnish when he was clearing out the garage, so I was all set to finish the project!
I sanded the wood lightly to remove the paint and smooth up some of the rough bits. (Really, I should have done this right off the bat.) Ended up utterly covered in muck after this!

Each piece of wood got a coat of varnish. It really helped to bring out the colour!
In the picture, you can see the varnished part (top) versus unvarnished (bottom).
Please ignore all the junk in the background :)

Once I’d given the varnish a few days to cure, I was left with these lovely, finished pieces.

As of yet, I haven’t decided on a place for the big piece. The two smaller pieces are propped up on the top of my bookshelf (no picture of this because I haven’t dusted!)

I’m now trying to decide on whether I can turn these into something functional...


  1. Dusting's for weaklings!

    I love that wood, it's gorgeous!!

  2. Wow, some pretty cool looking wood. Each piece is kind of an artwork in itself. Great find!


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