Saturday, 5 January 2013

50 Things About Me

Over on City Girl Gone Coastal, Amanda started up a blog hop, '50 Things About Me'.

I thought I would join in--it's a great idea and a fun way of finding out things about each other!

These will be random things, because I doubt I could think up fifty sensible things about myself, but here goes!

01. Kei is not my real name, but has been a nickname (in various forms) since 1999
02. I don't feel that my real name is 'the real me'.
03. I went through a phase of hanging the mirror above my desk crookedly...
04. One day it fell off the wall, but that's okay because I replaced it with a necklace board.
05. I have only ever had one paid job. My first day was the day the shop found out they were closing down. 
06. I'd really like to sell the things I make...
07. ...and am looking into opening an etsy shop this year!
08. Meanwhile, I've been volunteering at an awesome charity shop for several years.
09. Volunteering has helped me find new channels for creativity!
10. I have grown up with pet cats...
11. ...we've had anything from 2 to 7 cats in the household at any one time but at present there are five.
12. I meow at them and they meow back (yeah, crazy cat lady alert).
13. I have never quite grown out of eating the occasional Pot Noodle.
14. I don't go follow trends unless I genuinely like them.
15. Though I don't speak the language, I love Japanese rock music.
16. When I was 9, I won a weekly short story competition on Teletext
17. It was called 'The Ghost of the Guillotine'.
18. I still love to write, but haven't entered any competitions since! 
19. Sometimes I notice really random, tiny little details in things...
20. Other times I completely miss the most obvious.
21. Since childhood I've been interested in ancient Egypt and love looking at related pictures.
22. History-wise, I've also been interested in the Tudor era! 
23. I definitely don't feel my age (I feel younger).
24. I like anime and manga.
25. I have moments of completely losing the thread of what I'm saying.
26. In 2005 I was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy...
27. ...and haven't had a seizure since going on medication (yay medication!)
28. I liked most subjects in school, barring PSVE, PE and maths.
29. I was born on the 29th of April.
30. I never read sponsored posts.
31. Family are important to me.
32. I haven't had a boyfriend in forever, but I haven't really been looking either!
33. I am a bit of a Sherlockian.
34. Also a bit of a Whovian.
35. In general, I am very patient...
36. ...but when I lose my temper, I rant. A lot.
37. I don't like war films.
38. Motivation is, at times, difficult for me.
39. When writing lists like this, I sometimes forget my full stops.
40. I don't like beer
41. But I like wine and spirits
42. Fizzy drinks give me hiccups!
43. Of all my education (school/college/uni) I enjoyed college the most...
44. ...I made a really great friend there!
45. It really gets my goat when I get emails from companies wanting me to make a sponsored post or run a giveaway (but it's only valid for residents of the USA).
46. For the record, I live in England.
47. For the record, I will only ever write about things that I believe in.
48. My feet are big--UK 8.5-9
49. I like the surreal and unusual
50. It was really hard to think of 50 things! 

I'd love to find out more about other people! If you want to join in, head on over to City Girl Gone Coastal and check it out!


  1. Love it!

    Okay now a few questions, what heck is PSVE and what is a Whovian?

    So pleased you linked up, random but totally interesting!

  2. Hello, love your 50. I just joined in today and I have to say
    Hello to a fellow Whovian, 10 was my dr xx
    I also love anime and Manga, i ran an anime club for 2 years and now I help organise a convention x
    J-Rock is also awesome
    Cool post x


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