Thursday, 10 January 2013

Heart Sun Catcher DIY

Now that Christmas is over, I can share this new tutorial! I made the sun catcher in the picture as a present for my mum, so I couldn’t post until now in case she saw!

This is slightly fiddly to put together – one of those projects that could do with an extra hand or two – but the method is relatively simple! 

DIY beaded crystal suncatcher tutorial

You’ll need:
Beading wire (I used .012 diameter)
Jewellery wire (I used approx 2mm wire)
Lots of small beads and/or crystal chip beads
Large clear bead/charm for the centre
1 split ring
Jump rings

Tape measure
Wire cutters
Flat-nosed pliers
Round-nosed pliers

beaded suncatcher tutorial

1. Cut a length of wire approximately 2 inches longer than you want the perimeter of your sun catcher to be. Use round-nosed pliers to bend one end around in a loop.

beaded sun catcher tutorial

2. Wrap the opposite end of the wire around the base of the loop to create a bail and bend the circle of wire into a heart shape.

sun catcher with beads

3. Cut a piece of beading wire 6-7 inches longer than the jewellery wire cut in step 1. a) Use a crimp to attach one end to the heart, on one side of the bail.
b) Slide the jump ring onto the beading wire and attach to the other side of the bail with another crimp.

sun catcher DIY with beads and crystal chips

4. Thread on your beads/crystals so there are enough to go all the way around the heart. You should have several inches of beading wire left (and maybe a few excess beads)

beaded suncatcher tute

5. Add a crimp right on the end of the beading wire to stop the beads falling off as you attach them to the heart.

bead and crystal chip heart shaped sun catcher tutorial

6. Cut another length of beading wire 3 times the measurement around the heart. (You will have a little left over, but it’s easier to work with a bit extra!) Attach this length of wire to the heart, next to the length of beaded wire.

heart sun catcher tutorial

7. Pull the beaded wire across the ‘front’ of the bail and the un-beaded wire around the back.
Pull the un-beaded wire to the front, between the beads, and back through the centre of the heart to the back.

DIY heart sun catcher

8. Repeat all the way around the heart, making sure the wire falls between each set of beads (I didn’t thread it between all of the crystal chips as they were fairly bulky).

DIY sun catcher heart

9. When you have attached the beads all the way around the heart, cut off the crimp from the end of the beaded wire and remove the excess beads.

suncatcher how to

10. Cut down both ends of beading wire so that they are the same length, approximately 3 inches long.

wire and bead sun catcher DIY

11. Pull both lengths of wire to the back of the heart, together, and slide on a crimp. Loop the wires around the heart on the opposite side of the bail to where you brought them to the back. Slide them between the beads and back through the crimp.

sun catcher DIY

12. Pull the wire tightly to close the loop, and flatten the crimp to secure.

how to make a sun catcher

13. Use jump rings to attach the large charm/bead to the jump ring attached in step 3.

how to make a suncatcher

14. Loop a piece of ribbon through the bail and knot the ends together.

sun catcher how to

15. Hang it in the window and catch the rays of sun!

beaded and crystal bead sun catcher tutorial

 Of course, this method isn't limited to hearts, other shapes would look great too!

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  1. Ooh I love this. Very pretty.

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  3. So lovely!!! Love both! Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial! I'd love for you to visit my blog.
    Have a fabulous day!

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

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  5. So pretty, and thanks for showing us how to make it.


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