Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Wasabi Chocolate

Being the healthy person that I am, I’ve been eating random-flavoured chocolate again :)

This time around, it was Lindt’s dark chocolate with wasabi flavour.
Yes, that wasabi, known also as Japanese horseradish. I love it!

Despite the rather questionable flavour combination, it tastes nice!
I like dark chocolate even without crazy flavours added. It's harder to pig out on an entire bar of dark chocolate :)

I saw on TV that when trying good chocolate, you should smell it before tasting it. This one smells a little mustardy, but slightly sweet at the same time.
As for the taste, the dark chocolate is first apparent. As it melts, out pops the wasabi flavour! This isn’t as hot as wasabi paste (thank goodness!) but the flavour is just strong enough to give the chocolate a little kick.

If you let it melt on your tongue, the flavour comes through much more strongly, though not to the point where your eyes start to water!

Of course, I wouldn’t advise cramming in several squares in one go. I did this, and suddenly the heat multiplied!
This is a good bar for someone that likes hot, spicy/peppery food, but dislikes food being overly sweet. Yum.

This was NOT a sponsored post. As with all posts on Unfortunately Oh!, I have written my opinions out of my own will without receiving any benefits in return. I just want to share with you the awesome things I’ve happened upon!

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