Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mention in 'A Garden Life'

Recently I was contacted by Michelle Simakis, associate editor of 'A Garden Life', which is a monthly digital magazine that covers gardening, food, health, sustainability and a whole heap of other interesting topics.

(hope you don't mind me borrowing your logo!)

To cut a long story short, my map pendant tutorial has had a little mention in one of their articles!
The main article is about Martha Aleo, a wonderfully creative lady who creates jewellery pieces from found objects, and Jerin Scott, who runs a vintage jewellery business. Cool, right?

You can read the article at A Garden Life's website, here: Transforming Found Treasures into Jewelry

I full recommend going to check the site out. I went to have a nose when I was first contacted and found lots of interesting and inspiring articles. It's a free magazine, which can also be read through their app on iPhone, iPad or Kindle via iTunes and Amazon respectively.

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