Thursday, 21 March 2013

Out of the Jungle Necklace

When sorting through my fabric scraps, I was inspired to whip up this ‘Out of the Jungle’ necklace!

Of course, I took pictures along the way and made a tutorial :)

You’ll need:
3 x 24” strips fabric of your choice (the fabric strips I used were approx 3” wide)
Embroidery thread
Beading wire
2 x crimps
2 x split rings

Needle & thread
Wire cutters
Flat nosed pliers

1. Stitch the fabric strips around one end of the cord, about 2” from the ends of the strips and 3-4” from the ends of the cord.

2. Braid the fabric strips around the cord. To do this without the cord showing, wrap each strip around the back of the cord once you bring it to the centre.

3. Once you get towards the ends of the fabric strips, stitch them around the cord as in step 1. Trim the trailing ends of the fabric if you want them to be an even length. You should have some extra cord poking out the end.

4.  Cut a piece of beading wire approx 18” long. Thread a crimp and a split ring onto the end, then bring the end of the wire back through the crimp to create a loop through the split ring. Close the crimp with flat nosed pliers.

5. Thread on your beads and finish at the other end of the wire with another split ring on a loop, as before.

6. Join the braided and beaded sections of the necklace together by threading the ends of cord through the jump rings and knotting inside the little clump of fabric ends. Trim off any extra cord. You may find you need to rearrange the fabric ends around the knot.
You could use greek springs on the cord ends instead, and join the two pieces together with jump rinngs. I didn't, because knotting was faster!

7. To finish, wrap a length of embroidery thread around your stitching and secure with a knot.

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