Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Embellished Boots

saint laurent inspired embellished boots

These embellished boots are a project I started about two weeks ago, after seeing a post on A Matter of Style about Saint Laurent's 'homemade boots'. (Read the article on A Matter of Style here)

I customised a pair of boots that I bought from New Look last year. Everything I used here came from my stash, so these embellishments didn't cost anything to make...

Here's the picture I pinned from aforementioned blog:

My method was almost the same as suggested on A Matter of Style.

I wanted to make these embellishments removable, instead of gluing them on, as I have monster feet (UK 9, if you're wondering!) and find it hard to find great boots in my size.

I cut two pieces of faux leather to fit the front of the boots. and sewed four loops on the back of each piece (two for each boot strap):

buckle boots embellished with buttons beads and chain

I didn't think to take a picture of this before sewing everything on, so you get to see my stitching in all its glorious messiness!

embellished buckle boots

Sewing on my selection of embellishments - buttons, charms, beads and chain - took an absolute age, which is why I only just finished this project. I have to admit that I procrastinated a lot on this!

Whilst sewing the first one I realised it's much easier to sew on the chain after everything else.
The more that goes onto these pieces, the easier it is for the thread to tangle around things and I found the chain caught in the thread a lot!

DIY embellished fashion boots

Even once I thought I was done, I kept finding little gaps that needed filling! I could easily fill a few more gaps and make these look even bulkier, by using tiny gold beads (like in my Buttons and Beads Bib Necklace Tutorial). However, I decided I'd sewn on more than enough!

embellished fashion buckle boot DIY

This was a great DIY project for using up all the short scraps of chain I had left over from making jewellery! I also used some of the vintage buttons a family member gave me, beads from a few bracelets that I don't wear anymore and a selection of charms.

removable buckle boot embellishments

I'm really pleased with how these have turned out and can't wait to wear them!


  1. People will be able to hear you coming! I think this is a great way to use up your stash and they look really, really, really expensive!

  2. I would possibly go through the back with some clear nail polish and dab some on your sewing on the back. If one gets caught and comes off the whole lot will come off otherwise!

  3. Absolutely spectacular....and actually much nicer than the originals that inspired you. Yours are much more feminine and pretty.

  4. These are beyond fabulous! Came over from homework where I saw these.


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