Monday, 11 March 2013

Marvellous Mondays #1!

Source: via Kei on Pinterest

Let's face it, Mondays don't tend to be all that marvellous. It's the start of the working week, the school week, the study week (though at my college it was 'coursework day') and unless you're the type to get super excited at the prospect of another week's slog, you may be greeting Monday with a wish for Friday to come!

We all need a little positivity in our Mondays, which is why I decided upon this new feature, 'Marvellous Mondays'!

Each Monday, I'll aim to post something positive!
This might be a positive or encouraging quote, cute pictures, or something funny. The idea is to create some smiles on a grey Monday morning!

Today, I've opted for a bunch of amusing pictures, specifically 'Pareidolia'. defines this as
the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in considering the moon to have human features

Cool name, right?

Source: via Kei on Pinterest

This post is dedicated to you having a truly Marvellous Monday!


  1. The toilet!! :D

    I think the idea is very awesome, and now I have something to look forward to every Monday, yayyy~!! :)

  2. Loving the cheese grater and the sideways looking shocked building XD This is a really great post :D


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