Monday, 1 April 2013

Marvellous Monday #4

Happy Monday! I hope you're feeling good today. Here's another Marvellous Monday!

It's Easter Monday, which is the inspiration for this week's theme: cute chicks and adorable bunnies!

Source: via Kei on Pinterest

This IS the Easter Bunny, isn't it!

A chick softer than the softest velvet.

Lovely big rabbit. It looks so cuddly!

This little dude/dudette is so amazingly fluffy. Look at that strut, like it's working the runway!

Source: via Kei on Pinterest

I've heard of 'a bird in the hand' before, but 'a bunny in the hand'? A bunny in the hand is darn cute.

Source: via Kei on Pinterest

Source: via Kei on Pinterest

Aren't they all so very cute? Looking at pictures of cute animals always makes me feel better!

This post is dedicated to YOU having a truly Marvellous Monday.

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  1. Thank you for this post, Kei*!! :) Really, it totally lightened my heart - even though it is "just" Thursday now ^^.


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