Thursday, 11 April 2013

Understated Pompom-Tassel Necklace

easy pompom and tassel necklace tutorial

Did you like the Sweetlime inspired necklace I posted about last week, but found it too big for your tastes or too busy for your personal style?

Then this tutorial is one for you. This pompom tassel necklace uses some of the same, or similar, parts, but produces something smaller and more understated.

It also takes less time!

 quick pompom necklace

You’ll need:
3 colours embroidery thread
1 x small pompom
1 x small tassel (see the first part of last week’s tutorial LINK for how to make one)
1 x silver charm*
2 x 15mm beads*
2 x 10mm beads*
2 x 7mm beads*
Beading wire
2 x crimps

* Sizes are approximate. Choose beads with large holes for threading.

Wire cutters
Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Darning needle

1. Measure and cut six strands of embroidery thread, two of each colour. To work out how much you’ll need, take your desired necklace length (e.g. 22 inches) add 10 inches for tying a bow (= 32 inches) and add one quarter of that again. (32/4 = 8 so total needed is 8 + 32 = 40 inches).

DIY tassel and pompom necklace

2. Gather the strands together and knot at one end, then plait the strands together. I decided to mix and match the colours in the strands. Don’t knot the other end when you are finished.

DIY pom pom necklace tute

3. Cut a piece of beading wire approximately 5x the diameter of your pompom. Wrap it around the centre of your pompom and slide a crimp on both ends of the wire to create a loop around the pompom.

tutorial for pompom necklace

4. Pull the loop tight around the middle of the pompom and close the crimp using flat nose pliers.

how to make a tassel and pompom necklace

5. Slip a second crimp onto the ends of the beading wire and feed the ends of the wire back through to create a small loop. I find it helps to create the loop around some round nose pliers as it gives you a way to tighten the loop and hold it steady at the same time!
Flatten the crimp as in step 4. You could use just one crimp for step 4 and 5, but it’s less fiddly to use two.

how to make a pom pom and tassel necklace

6. Set out your beads, tassel and pompom as you want them to go on your necklace, and thread them on using a darning needle. The darning needle is especially useful when it comes to the tassel!

ethnic pompom tassel jewellery

7. Knot the end of the plaited thread when you’re done and tie the ends together in a bow to secure the necklace. Trim trailing ends down if needed.

bohemian pompom and tassel charm necklace

8. You’re done!

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  1. Where do you get silver charms? I've looked for them everywhere!

    1. Bead shops, ebay, etsy, the works...many sources!


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