Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ethnic Tassels and Ribbon Necklace

ribbon chain and tassel necklace tutorial

It would seem that I haven’t had enough of tassels yet. Haveyou?

I made this necklace a little while ago and always intendedto write a tutorial to go with it! Unfortunately I forgot to take photographsas I made it. Go me!

However, I think it is clear enough with the photos I tookafterwards.
This necklace is pretty straightforward to make, really, soyou can probably guess the construction fairly easily!

You’ll need:
11.5 inches ribbon
4 x 6 inch lengths of chain
11 tassels (buy or make! Check out steps 1-4 of this tassel necklace tutorial for a how to)
Three large jump rings
Needle and thread
Flat nose pliers

ribbon and tassel necklace DIY

1. Fold over the ends of the ribbon and stitch to secure andthen stitch on one end of each 6 inch length of chain to each ribbon end.

easy tassel necklace DIY

2.  Use jump rings toattach three tassels to the chain, evenly spaced. To stop the tassels fromslipping, hook the jump ring through one of the links. Open and close the jumprings using flat nose pliers.

easy necklace with ribbons and tassels

3. Stitch the back of the ‘heads’ of the other tassels to theribbon.

4. All done! Here is Mr Cow modelling the finished piece:

Mr Cow loves his jewellery

This has fast become one of my favourite necklaces. It’s nottoo fussy but is different enough that it easily jazzes up a plain outfit!

ethnic tassel and pompom necklace tutorials

Over the past three weeks, I’ve shared three ethnic inspirednecklaces featuring tassels and/or pompoms.
Missed one?

Will be linking up to the parties listed at the bottom of the page!

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