Saturday, 13 April 2013

Cute Stuff

A while ago, my lovely friend Lilia of Horror Shock Lolipop sent me this fabulous book!

Cute Stuff by Japanese company Aranzi Aronzo is filled with easy how-tos for cute items that have a purpose!

There are patterns in the book that you can either trace or enlarge on a photocopier; helpfully the book tells you what percentage enlargement you need!

When I first looked through this book I wanted to make everything. Then I became sensible again and realised that I don't need three more cloth bags ;) 

Although the bags are cute so I am tempted...! This shows just one of the designs in the book; you may have noticed more bag designs on the front cover :)

The book also has an applique section with information on how to applique different designs along with the patterns for the designs found in the book and how to piece them together. 

As for what I've made?

A cute card holder for my new business cards!
Another thing that I like about this book is that the pages sometimes suggest other ways to make the items. In this instance it suggested that it would look cute to hand-stitch with six strands of embroidery thread. This worked for me because I wasn't in the mood to set up the sewing machine and my bag of embroidery thread was still on the desk from recent crafting!

Instead of adding one of their cute applique designs, I decided to add some googly eyes from my stash, so that the opening of the holder looks like a mouth!

This is definitely a good book for anybody that wants to craft cute things! Most of the projects are simple and all are very well explained, so it's an excellent book for those that want to craft with their kids, too.

I have a cat scarf and a panda purse on my to make list, too ;D

This is NOT a sponsored post. As with all posts on Unfortunately Oh!, I have written my opinions out of my own will without receiving any benefits in return. I just want to share with you the awesome things I’ve happened upon!

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  1. That book really sounds awesome & was moved straightly to my wishlist :D. And the eyes on the envelope look so cute~! :D


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