Sunday, 14 April 2013

Jumble Sale Loot!

You know when spring is here, because suddenly all the boot fairs, table top sales and jumble sales start up again.

I haven't been to a proper jumble sale in ages, so when I found out about one yesterday morning I headed along for a gander!

Entry was 50p, though I paid £1 as I also paid the entrance fee for my Nan (my partner in charity-shopping, jumble-rummaging crime!)

And boy did we rummage!

First in the door were three rails of lovely clothes, where I found this beautiful Warehouse waistcoat...

I love the long front! The fabric is a really nice weight and the tailoring is great. On the back is a cute tie, for adding shape:

I snapped this up off the rail and went on to the line of tables, which were piled high with clothes! It was truly an event where we needed to dig around and rummage for treasures.

On the table, this caught my eye immediately:

Originally from Fat Face, this scarf was missing a couple of its tiny pom poms, but I've got a bit of a thing for pom poms at the moment (as you may have noticed!) and for 20p I simply couldn't say no--particularly when Fat Face scarves retail at just under £20!

The fabric is soft and tactile, completely free of the pulls and bobbles that usually end up on woven fabric like this.

Next, I found this knitted shawl:

I spied some of the fringing first and had to dig the full thing out from amongst a monster-sized pile of t-shirts. This shawl is huge; when I wear it around my shoulders the ends dangle past my knees! I think it's been stretched slightly, but I love the earthy tones and need more natural colours in my wardrobe.

On a bit of a scarf streak (I do love scarves). I then picked up this one, which wiggled its way from the pile of clothes someone else was looking at. Naturally, I pounced on it!

Once again I was attracted by the trim, but also the crinkly effect on the fabric.

This style of scarf is perfect for when I want to accessorise or add colour to an outfit without adding something too big.

My final find of the morning was this Per Una top:

I didn't have anything like this in my wardrobe, but I like that it's essentially a dressed-up 3/4 sleeve tee.

The extra detailing on the front and cuffs make it a little more special than a regular t-shirt, so it will be fantastic for days when I want to look nice but don't have the energy to pull together a more 'involved' outfit. Plus it will look fabulous with the Fat Face scarf!

So, the damage on this little haul? Including the entry fee, £3.20
Bargain of the century or what?!


  1. I love the scarves, the turquoise pom pom one in particular! You're so lucky...your finds put my 99p tops from Barnardos to shame!!

  2. I love the waistcoat but wouldn't have known that's what it is called. You definitely made out like a bandit - nice going!


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