Thursday, 4 April 2013

Procrastinating, Instagram-Style

I'm procrastinating in writing this post. I could be making more jewellery, painting, photographing stuff for future Etsy listings, reading, or doing a whole ton of other things.

Instead, I'm here, because I feel like rambling about recent things.

Yesterday, I finally got around to making some business cards. I only printed 24 (it would have been 32 but the printer rejected the last sheet of card multiple times!) but I think that's enough for now. I will carry some in my bag, as I'm getting better at plugging my wares :)

I picked up this awesome fabric in the village charity shop recently. It's a tad under 2 metres and cost me £1.50. The picture doesn't show all of the black section at the top, but it's the print that really drew me to the fabric!

At the moment, I can't decide what to make out of it. My initial thought was to make a long skirt, because last summer I wore my long refashioned skirt loads.
But now I'm thinking that maybe I should try to make a maxi dress or kaftan instead. Argh, decisions, decisions...

Remember how I wrote recently of my slowly-drying Wreck This Journal? It dried, after around three days against the radiator. I had to keep turning the pages so it dried all the way through!
This is how it looks now. I'm getting to the point where it takes ages to find the right page (especially now they're wrinkled and bent and ripped...) so I added lots of little post-it slips to help me find my way!

Okay, this last picture has a bit of 'eww' value, so I'll hide it behind a handy 'read more'. For the curious, I burst a blood vessel in my eye...

This is from last Friday. Of course, due to it being the Easter weekend, with bank holidays left, right and centre, the doctor's surgery was closed! Instead, I went to the chemist on the Saturday, where the pharmacist recommended some eye drops. The redness has gone down slightly, but I was told that it could take two weeks to clear up! I might go to the doctor if it hasn't cleared up more by the middle of next week. My eye doesn't hurt and I can see just fine, at least!
Absolutely no idea how I did this, but at present the red blob looks a bit like a rabbit. Did the Easter Bunny visit my eye...?!

Well, post done! Let's see if I can be productive now...hahaha!

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  1. The Easter bunny visited your eye! LOL! I hope it clears up quickly x


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