Monday, 15 April 2013

Marvellous Monday #6

Happy Monday! Are you having a good one?

We've all heard of the phrase, 'calm blue ocean'. Let's indulge in that for a few moments today.

Isn't it relaxing to sit and watch the waves, or to stare at a picture of a beautiful calm sea?

Even when the sky is overcast, the sea is beautiful, its waves turned golden by sunlight peeking through the clouds.

A quiet beach, the soft sigh of waves rolling to shore...

The warmth of an orange sun as it turns towards the smooth horizon, rays of light touching the water to set the whole ocean aglow.

And finally, the sun slips beneath the horizon: the sea blue once again, waves lapping softly at the sand beneath a sky still dyed all the golds and pinks of sunset.

This post is dedicated to YOU having a truly Marvellous Monday.

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