Saturday, 4 December 2010

Fur & Claws Scarf Tutorial

An updated version of 'Quick & Easy Furry-Claw Scarf Tutorial'  It's a tiny bit more involved, but has a better result! The old version didn't have any method of securing the scarf other than a big pin, this time around I've put in an elastic loop to thread one end of the scarf through (and remembered to take photos as I made it!)

You'll need:
Fake fur (approx. 116cm x 30cm)
Vinyl/fabric for claws
Needle & thread

1) If you haven't done so already, cut out your fake fur. Make a template for the claws (a triangle approx 13cm x 4cm with a rounded tip). Draw and cut out from the fabric you chose for the claws. You'll need 12 pieces for 6 claws.
2) Sew the pieces together.

3) Turn claws inside out, using a pencil for the tips.
4) Fold fake fur lengthways and sew along the edge, leaving a gap of a few inches in the centre.

5) Turn the scarf the right way around. Cut a piece of elastic a little longer than the width of your scarf and Pin on the seam approx. 17cm from the end of the scarf.  Pin the other end further up the scarf so the elastic lays flat but unstretched on the seam (fold over 1cm on the end to hide the cut edge). Sew by hand.

6) Lay sewn fur so that the seam is in the centre. Slide three claws into each end and pin, then sew to secure. 
7) Turn inside out, sew up the small hole in the middle of the seam, and you're done!

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