Saturday, 4 December 2010

Fabric French Fancy Tutorial

Another repost; original is here

I made the above ‘French Fancies’ - using repurposed fabric (the pink used to be trousers!) and leftover sewing materials - for a Recycle and Remake window display. (Real ones would either go off or get eaten!)

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial.
You’ll need:
Fabric (or felt, if you want to go for a spongier look)
Toy stuffing or similar
Embroidery thread
Multipurpose glue

1. Draw out the pattern onto the fabric. Cut out, leaving a seam allowance

This pattern will produce a fabric fancy 4.5cm x 4.5cm x 4cm--bigger than the edible ones, though you can always reduce the pattern down.  

2. Sew the sides together, matching A-A, B-B etc. Leave G open.

3. Fill with toy stuffing.

4 Thread a needle with embroidery thread and knot the end. Push the needle through the open side of the fabric fancy so it comes out on the opposite side, and pull the thread through.
Measure how much of the embroidery thread you need to reach the opposite side of the fabric fancy, on a slight diagonal. Apply a thin coat of multipurpose glue to one side of the thread and stick it down onto the fancy, pushing the needle through the fabric again and knotting on the inside.

5. Repeat step 4 until you have about six lines of embroidery thread ‘icing’ your cake.

6. Sew up side G, and you’re done!

Suggested Uses:

+ Pin cushion (depending on the fabric used--felt is good for this).
+ Pomander--add a small sachet of lavender before sewing up the final edge, and sew on a loop of ribbon to hang it in your wardrobe. (Also works well under pillows and in underwear drawers!)
+ Practical joke
+ Cute decoration 

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