Saturday, 4 December 2010

Eye Patch Tutorial #2: Scissors & Glue Version--Pirate Style!

Another repost, from 'Eye Patch Tutorial #2: Ghetto Scissors-and-Glue version--pirate style!'
Apologies for lack of photos; hopefully diagrams will suffice!

(Looking to make a Gothic Lolita-style square eyepatch? Try this!)

Not everyone has the skill, motivation or time to screw around with a needle and thread, and there is more than one way to make an eye patch!
This is a quick, basic tutorial on how to make a more pirate-style eye patch.

You’ll need:
All-purpose glue
Ribbon/similar to tie your eye patch on

You might need:
Any embellishments you want
A glue gun

Remember you’ll be wearing this against your eye. If making an eye patch from fabric like velvet or fake fur, you might want to consider a cotton backing (just imagine the fibres getting in your eye--ouch!)

Step One: Base
Cut out the eye patch shape from the card. Bend it slightly so it has a convex shape (think of the plastic fancy-dress eye patches! I use one of these as a mould).

Step Two: Keeping it on
Measure around your head, from one side of your eye to the back of your head, and add approx 30cm. Cut your eye patch ties at this length and staple one end of each tie to the appropriate point on the back of the eye patch. Flatten the staples against the base (I normally use the side of my scissors for this).

Step Three: Covering the front
Cut a piece of fabric bigger than the base. Spread glue over the outside of the base and stick the fabric over, ensuring there are no wrinkles. You should have about 1cm extra fabric bordering the edges. Make little cuts in this border around 1cm apart.
Turn the eye patch over and spread glue around the edge of the back. Now start to fold down the excess fabric from the front over to the back. You’ll probably need to hold it down in places to give the glue a chance to take hold!
Leave this to dry thoroughly.

Step Four: Covering the back
If you want a lace edge to your eye patch, glue it on to the back now!
Cut a piece of fabric the same size as the base. Spread glue over the inside of the base and stick the fabric on.
Trim carefully around the edges and leave to dry.

Step Five: Embellishments
Fix any thin embellishments (e.g. trims, feathers) with all-purpose glue.
For bigger embellishments (ribbon roses, metal crosses, cabochons, plastic bones etc) use hot glue.

Step Six: Wear it!
And enjoy.

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