Saturday, 18 December 2010

"Charming Bracelet" tutorial

This charming bracelet is so easy to make--but do it right and it looks far more expensive than something homemade!
Here's a simple tutorial.

Time needed: 30 minutes (approx)

You need:
Bracelet made of fairly big chain
Ribbon (90cm/35.5" ribbon for a 16cm/6.5" bracelet)
Head pins
Jump rings
Jewellery-making pliers

1. Thread ribbon halfway through the end link on the bracelet. Bring the two ends together.

2. Miss the next link and thread the ribbon through the link after. Repeat, missing a link each time (e.g. thread the ribbon through links 1, 3, 5, 7...etc)

3. At the last link, thread just one end of ribbon through and then tie together in a bow (you might want to put a stitch in the back to hold it).

4. Put your beads on the head pins: thread on a bead (or two, depending on your design) and use flat-nose pliers to bend the pin above the bead. Then bend the pin around round-nose pliers and cut off the excess metal.

5. Attach to the links of chain that you missed out in step 2.  Use jump rings to attach charms to the bracelet.

6. You're done!  For variations you could skip the ribbon-threading step or try narrow braid or cording instead, or skip the beads/charms steps!

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