Saturday 18 December 2010

Washer Bracelet tutorial

This bracelet made of washers and cord is an ideal stocking-filler for a guy (or a tomboy!) but the concept can also be adapted.
Here's a how-to!

Time needed: 15-30 minutes

You need:
Assortment of washers
Leather cord*
Tape measure

* I used vinyl cord because I had some lying around!

In this tutorial, I used 2m cord + 11 washers, which made a 7.5" bracelet

1. Lay out your bracelet design. I used double-stacked washers, but this works just as well for single washers, too.

2. Cut your cord in half and loop around the central washer(s).

 3. Slide the next washer(s) onto one end of cord, hold the two ends together and knot.

4. Slip one end of cord underneath the washer and knot as before.

5. Repeat steps 3-4 until the main part of the bracelet is done.

6. You can either stop at this point, or make a washer clasp: on one end, make another knot, leaving a gap slightly smaller than the diameter of a washer.

7. Tie the final washer onto the other end of the bracelet.

8. If there are any trailing bits of cord you could cut them off, knot the ends, or leave as they are. (Being lazy, I picked the latter option)

Suggestions for variations: use ribbon in place of cord for a more feminine appearance; add in beads or paint the washers using enamel paint.

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