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Eye Patch Tutorial #1: Square & Sewn

A repost from 'Eye Patch Tutorial #1: Sewn Version'
Unfortunately I don't have any photographs of the making process; instead there are diagrams drawn for the original tutorial.

(Looking for something more piratey? Check out my pirate-style eye patch tutorial!)

Eye patches are a fun way to change your look, whether it's for a party, a photoshoot, or just for the hell of it. However, it's difficult to get hold of anything beyond the standard black plastic pirate eye patch found in fancy dress shops.
Here's an easy tutorial on how to make your own.

You’ll need:
Scrap card
Ribbon or elastic

You might also need:
Interfacing (light-medium weight; for thinner fabrics)
Any embellishments you want to add (lace, trims, roses, etc)

Remember you’ll be wearing this against your eye. If making an eye patch from fabric like velvet or fake fur, you might want to consider a cotton backing (just imagine the fibres getting in your eye--ouch!)

Step One: Pattern
Cut out a pattern/template with your scrap card, the size you want your eye patch to be (excluding any trims). I usually cut mine around 4.5x6cm.

If you’re using relatively thin fabric, draw on and cut the pattern pieces out of interfacing (seam allowance: 1cm) and iron on.
Otherwise, draw on and cut it from the fabric leaving the 1cm seam allowance.

Step Two: Keeping it on
If using elastic to hold your eye patch on, measure around your head from one side of your eye to the other side. Don’t be tempted to cut too short a piece of elastic, because it will pull the eye patch into your eye! (Trust me, this gets uncomfortable very quickly!)
If using ribbon, measure halfway around your head from your eye and add approx 30cm (enough to tie it at the back)

Cut your elastic/ribbon as appropriate.

Step Three: Lace (skip this step if not using lace)
Take one piece of fabric and pin the lace around the outside of the pattern (right side up), sticking to the pattern lines you drew in step one, pointing inwards. Sew it on, just outside the pattern, taking care not to go over the lines.

Step Four: Attachments
Now you’ll attach your ribbon/elastic.
For elastic: Take one end of each piece and lay it across one piece of cut fabric (right side up), 1cm or so overlapping across the seam allowance at the narrow end.
For ribbon: Take one end of each ribbon for one side of the eye patch, and lay it as described above.

Next, lay the other piece of cut fabric over the top (right side down). Pin along three sides (two long sides and the side with 1cm of ribbon/elastic poking out).
Sew together--take care not to catch any lace or ribbon/elastic as you sew.

Step Five: …this is beginning to look like an eye patch!
Trim the edges and turn it around the right way. Turn in the unsewn edges.
For elastic: Grab the other ends of the elastic, pop the end 1cm in the unsewn side of your eye patch and pin.
For ribbon: Take the ribbon piece(s) you haven’t yet attached, insert 1cm into the unsewn side of the eye patch and pin.

Now sew around the edge of the entire eye patch (starting with the side you just pinned) leaving a 0.5cm border.
If you don’t want the border, you can sew in the elastic/ribbon and close up the unsewn edge by hand.
Sew on any embellishments you want.

Step Six: Wear it!
And be smug that you have something unique!

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