Thursday, 9 December 2010

Haramaki: Are you feeling 'genki'?

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Haramaki are a Japanese garment worn around the stomach area beneath clothes (the name translates as 'belly band') 
My Mother gave me one of these yesterday, made by Genki Haramaki. (元気, or 'genki' translates from Japanese as 'health(y)')
The haramaki was meant to be part of my Christmas present, but in light of the recent snow and freezing temperatures, she gave it to me early! 

The Haramaki claims to aid well-being and help the wearer to stay warm - by keeping the organs warm it helps the body to distribute warmth and energy more evenly - and boost circulation, so no more cold fingers and toes! 

Having worn it for a day, I can already say that the Haramaki is effective! I constantly suffer from cold fingers but wearing the Haramaki I can already notice the difference--my fingers are warm, rather than icicles! 

Here's what the folk at Genki Haramaki have to say about their product:

Wear at home to relax, in bed for more restful sleep, or during sports and outdoor activities to avoid chills.  Our haramaki uses only the softest cotton, gentle enough to be worn directly against the skin, or as a stylish outer layer.

Keeping the abdominal organs warm helps the body distribute warmth and energy all-round. Circulation is improved, so even hands and feet feel warmer. Wearing the haramaki can also:

- Aid digestion
- Ease menstrual cramps
- Give support during and post-pregnancy
- Soothe common abdominal ailments

Interested? Genki Haramaki has its own store, where you can find the products in all colours and sizes. Alternatively, try Victoria Health, a fantastic online store with a huge choice of health and beauty products (including gifts), excellent customer service and extremely fast shipping--I've made orders at 4.30pm and only selected regular shipping, but still received my package the next day!

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