Thursday, 16 February 2012

Embroidered Tags

Yesterday I posted about the gorgeous vintage suitcases I now use to store my fabrics. I mentioned that I can’t see through the sides like I could with the plastic boxes I used to keep the fabrics in. Well, here is my solution!

These embroidered tags were made using things from my scraps box :)

I was inspired by these Anthro knockoff Penmanship gift tags, made by Bev at Flamingo Toes:

(I pinned this ages ago, intending to use the idea at Christmas…then was too crafted-out!)

As you can see, mine deviated quite drastically from Bev’s!

Keep reading for the tutorial! :)

You’ll need:
Scrap card
Fabric for back
Embroidery floss
Ribbon or cord
Eyelets (two-piece eyelets are better since they don’t snag)
Fray stopper (optional)

Pinking shears
Pen/tailors pen
Whatever tools are needed for putting in your eyelets (I have a hand tool for it, but have previously used a hammer and the little plastic & metal thing that came with the eyelets)

1. Draw a template for your tag on scrap card (or use an existing tag!) and use it to draw out tags onto the wrong side of your fabric. Cut out with pinking shears.

Optional: if your fabric frays, use fray stopper around the edges and let it dry before continuing! I used denim since it doesn’t fray so much (and I am in a lazy phase).

2. Make a second template for the ‘label’ part of your tag and use it to cut out as many pieces from felt as you did the tags.

3. Mark guidelines for your embroidery onto the felt using a pen. I don’t have any of those awesome water-soluble pens so I used a biro. Which meant I ended up messing up and having to re-cut some pieces. D’oh!

4. Cut a length of embroidery thread and split it so you are working with three threads. Split it slowly and carefully--don't do as I did and end up with a big knot in the middle as a product of impatience! (I wanted to finish up before ‘The Magicians’ came on TV! )

5. Embroider on your words using whichever stitch you like. I opted for chain stitch because I like the look, but a simple backstitch would also look great!

6. Spread a light layer of glue on the back of your felt and attach to the tag back. You might need to wait for it to go slightly tacky, depending on the glue you use.

7. Mark the centre of the tag ‘tab’ (what is that part really called?) and punch on your eyelets.

I had major trouble with this part, because I kept putting the top part of the eyelet on the wrong part of the tool, and getting the eyelet, fabric, and tool stuck together.
…I did this three times. That’ll teach me to pay attention!

8. Cut 25-30cm lengths of ribbon or cord and loop them through the eyelets.

9. Tie onto suitcase handles, drawer handles, gifts...

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  1. Stopping by from the Anything Goes Linky!

  2. What a clever idea!! I love that they fit with the look of the luggage. Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

  3. What a great idea!! I'm in love with this!! Thanks so much for linking up last Thursday!!


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