Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cushiony Winnings!

A couple of weeks ago, I entered a giveaway being held by Samantha (At Home With Mrs H), for a pair of fabulous cushions. Now, I don't enter giveaways too often, but this time I thought I'd try my luck--and I won! Hooray! :)

So a few days ago, this well-stuffed purple package turned up in the post...

Alfie gave his approval immediately ;) He usually runs away from any kind of plastic bag, so he must have felt the good vibes!

Inside the cool purple package were these even cooler cushions. 

I love the print! I like butterfly motifs anyway, but the overall design and colours of the fabric is so lovely! 

My sister is moving out soon - she and her boyfriend of several years have found a place of their own - and they have pretty much nothing for their new place. So I offered them to her, and she nabbed them!

So there goes the first giveaway I ever won...!
Winning that giveaway really made my day, especially since I've not been the happiest (or healthiest) of souls lately. Curse those winter blues! 
Thank you, for picking me, and thank you Samantha for holding that fabulous giveaway! :) I love those cushions!

I totally recommend At Home With Mrs H to you guys! Head on over now and check out her most recent creation, a gorgeous patchwork bible cover :)


  1. Oh you are a sweetie :) They look a bit creased though, hopefully they will drop out with use! x

  2. You can do a tutorial how to on wrap cord ends ?

  3. Ps. Great blog !:) tutorials are very useful and simple :)


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