Saturday, 4 February 2012

Naughty Notions Challenge: Go Vote!

Voting for the Naughty Notions Challenge is now open, over at Richochet and Away!
I posted about my entry the other day, but here's a quick reminder of my 'Naughty Notions' clutch:

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Read about my clutch here
See everyone's fantastic entries and cast your vote for your favourite at Ricochet and Away!
And whilst you're there, check out Rikka's other posts, and pop on over to Keren's blog, Sew la vie, too. Give the contest hosts some love!


  1. I voted for yours, it's definitely my fave! Maybe photographing it on a white background might have made the colours pop a bit more against all the colours of the other entries. It's really 'peacock'ey in my mind and I love the colours of peacocks :) xx

  2. Loving that clutch ...

    I found you on Roeshel's/The DIY Showoff's new Linky Followers and am now following you too ...

    ... on GFC and Linky Followers ...



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