Thursday, 9 February 2012

Valentines Heart Vase

I’ve had these hearts in my stash since I bought them from Poundland last year! At the time I thought, ‘Great! Something for Valentines crafting!’

…then I couldn’t think of what to do with them.

This year, I came up with this:

I probably spent about ten to fifteen minutes putting this together. Here’s a little how-to!

You’ll need:
A vase
Hearts on a stick (or skewer some loose polystyrene hearts!)
Oasis or polystyrene
Ribbon (not pictured since it was an afterthought!)
Scrap paper or newspaper to work on
PVA Glue (optional)
*I used moss from the garden for this, which isn’t ideal really! Since I don’t have any of that lovely soft moss for crafting with (and any place I might get it is unreachable without someone to drive me) I just went outside and picked some up! I let it dry overnight on the boiler.
…crafting moss, or whatever it’s actually called, is definitely the best option though :)

Enough of my rambling, here’s that tutorial!

1.  Cut a piece of oasis to fit the bottom of the vase, with space around it.

2. Trim the sticks of the hearts down to size. I used scissors for this since the dowel was only thin. Push them into the oasis as you want.

3. Arrange moss on the top of the oasis, around the sticks.

4. Set the piece carefully into the vase and add more moss around the edges. I know, this doesn’t look pretty, does it?! Moss from the garden really doesn’t work well (it didn’t help that a lot of it went brown lol)

Alternative to steps 3-4: Glue moss on the top and sides of the oasis before setting it in the vase.

5. Wrap ribbon around the base of the vase and tie in a bow. For me, this hid the nasty sides of the arranged piece inside the vase, but it’s also a nice finishing touch! 

I’ve still got a couple of these hearts left...knowing what I’m like, they’ll lurk in my stash until next year!

Check back soon for another Valentines-related craft :)

Will be linking up at the parties at the bottom of the page!


  1. This looks so cute and romantic :)

  2. What a unique idea! I found you on TT&J's Linky party. Would love it if you came by and checked out my blog.

  3. These look fantastic!
    Really want to try making a spooky version of this now :D

  4. really sweet!!! It would be amazing riceving one of those heart-vases on February 14! :)


  5. I Love the moss in there. Too cute!! Happy to be your newest linky follower.

  6. I really like this! The moss and ribbon make it so romantic. Thanks for sharing with us at Link It Up Thursday.

  7. So simple and cute, love the moss, but then anything with moss is great. I pinned it so I will have for next year! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best Par.tay! Now following you on Linky and hope you'll follow back!

  8. Cuuute!! We loved having you link up to our “Strut Your Stuff Saturday!” We hope to see you back next Saturday with more fun ideas! -The Sisters


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