Friday, 3 February 2012

Linky Followers!

So it seems that Google is doing whacky things with Google Friend Connect, as in closing it down.

Somehow these plans escaped my notice since I hadn't heard about this until today, but it seems Google Friend Connect will be saying bye-bye on 1st March.

I don't know the full details so won't try to explain, but found an article, 'Google Friend Connect Closing - Replaced by Google+ Badges' that looks at the Google Friend Connect timeline and looks at what will be replacing it.


Before that, I read this post on At The Picket Fence about a brand new service called Linky Followers from the lovely folk at Linky Tools!

So Linky Followers it is. I've installed a brand new followers widget in the sidebar; so it would be lovely if you'd go on and click follow! :)
Signing up to Linky Followers is really quick and painless--probably took me two minutes at the most (and that was because I couldn't find the picture I wanted to upload).

Or if you're looking at this post in a reader, here's the widget again:

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